Sunday, November 21, 2010

Throw Your Love Around

Every single time I play with Shimmerz
(and yes, I do mean play)
the song "Shiny Happy People" pops into my head.
This time was no exception,
and for good reason:
Isn't it shiny? And happy?

With some help from Shimmerz,
I created this layout in the spirit of gratitude
for my *great* love.
Although finding my inspiration was easy,
I dug deep for this one creatively,
rummaging through my stash
and emerging with neglected items
that needed some loving.
I swear, 50% of the act of creating pages
is just NOTICING stuff.
Noticed: a button on a Sassafras flower
begging to be free of that flower.

Noticed: a blue Prima flower asking to prove
that flowers can TOO be on guy pages.

Noticed: a Studio Calico house stamp willing to redefine
the term "negative space" as really quite positive.

It's really the odds and ends
that I find most delightful about the whole process of layering.
Everything fits together,
but each item has its own separate identity on the page.

If you're in a need of a shiny happy creative boost,
you might be sort of kind of crazy THRILLED
to discover that Shimmerz will be having a Black Friday sale this weekend,
with 30% off for customers, including a chance to win a Vibez six-pack.

While I am NOT a fan of Black Friday,
I suppose I can make an exception for online sales,
which tend not to support the tradition of stampeding and bloodletting.
If you will be one of those brave souls heading out into those crowds,
may God go with you --
along with a helmet and football pads.


  1. I love that page! And I love what you did with the Shimmerz! Thanks for the sale notice...I'll be there!

  2. I love all your "forgotten" little details Jill!!

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  4. Love all the details, and I'm with ya on the Black not worth it for me.

  5. Love the LO.
    Hate Black Friday.

  6. Jill, this is truly stunning! The colors are absolutely gorgeous!