Saturday, November 20, 2010


As much as I love weekends,
I am not a fan of weakends --
you know, those busy Saturdays and Sundays
when the time is already spoken for,
when "have to" trumps "want to,"
and sleeping in isn't allowed?
This is one of those weakends.
I'm busybusybusy, with a monstrous "to do" list,
and I'm really trying to fight off the procrastinator within,
who's telling me that it can all wait until tomorrow.
She's probably right.
That settles it: I'm off to take a nap.

Ere I go, however, here's a quick share
of a holiday "anticipation album" that I put together
using a bunch of JBS goodies and some May Arts ribbon.
Can I just say how PERFECT these products are for the holidays?

What a family pic, huh?
Yes, my brother is sticking out his tongue.
At least it wasn't his middle finger -- that phase came a few years after this.
Oh, the memories.
Yes, I know my eyes are closed.
I'm not unlike Earl Hickey, in that respect.
Yes, my mother is smiling through our silliness.
Some things never change. :)

I stand by this statement.
I so love these journaling cards.
This was my last one, though. Bummer.
There are a BUNCH of incredible projects being posted daily
on the JBS Inspiration blog, so be sure to stop by for a visit!


  1. Love the album - although I totally disagree about the gravy. :)

    And, I'm with you about weakends. I think I'm going to need to have "that kind" of Sunday.

  2. While I always love your pages - the perfect blend of fun/design/tech/play and STORY (my fav)... I always enjoy reading your words. They are so fabulous and inspirtational! I wish I could write as you do.

    Anywho... I really just wanted to say I caught the 'My Name is Earl' reference. LOL