Tuesday, December 14, 2010


One of my daughter's vocabulary words this week is "awry."
Her teacher asked the class, "How can one's Christmas plans go awry?"
My daughter raised her hand (as always -- she's that kid)
and said, "One way plans might go awry is if you finally decide
to go get your Christmas tree, but the trees are all sold out, everywhere."
Then she added, "True story."
Yep, true story.
I know, I know. Let the head shaking and tsk-tsking commence.
That's right. We are treeless.
Maybe we'll just put lights around the dog this year
and stuff presents under her belly as she sleeps.

You may find this anecdote to be a little odd
coming from someone who has been in a mega-holiday mood, scrap-wise.

I was delighted to be a guest designer for My Scrapbook Nook this month.
The December kit is chock full of lovely and festive holiday papers,
and includes the cutest little chipboard snowflakes,
which even a Hawaii girl who has never touched snow can appreciate.

I had a blast working with some older photos I discovered
of my wee self celebrating Christmas in one of two ways: staring or crying.
(Now that I'm treeless, I can understand those responses.)

I painted the snowflakes in the garland with a shiny coat of
Shimmerz Samrock, Jilted Jade, and Fire Engine Red,
which, as I have learned, are the perfect holiday colors. I love 'em.

To create the trees on this layout, I cut triangles from the paper
and backed a few with pop dots.
I even managed to create a non-holiday layouts using the holiday papers.
This one really has heart. Ha ha.
My final project using the kit was a frame showcasing festive little
odds and ends from the kit, including more Shimmerz-enhanced snowflakes.
Don't you love how merry-shiny they are?
Yep, I've been busy,
and the holiday break hasn't even officially begun for me!

Before I go -- nudge, nudge, nudge.
That's me, pushing you in the direction of the
if you have a moment. The first monthly book inspiration post
features one of my favorite books, and a new layout.

Have a great week -- what remains of it. The weekend, or bust!


  1. Beautiful projects! Love how you used the Shimmerz!

  2. no tree, no worries!! just hang your festive layouts around the house and hide her pressie EVERYWHERE! treasure hunt style. lol.

  3. wow you certainly have been busy ... love these projects and pages especially the one with the hearts .. stunning work .. hugs x

  4. Oh yeah - they were totally lucky to have you guest design! Those layouts are spectacular! And your daughter? Love her.

  5. gorgeous stuff - love those snowflakes!

  6. great projects Jill...love the details! =)

  7. okay...your daughter and my daughter would get along:) She would totally say the same thing!

    And the shimmerz....LOVE!

  8. Beautiful layouts Jill. The good thing is that you won't have to go to the work of putting that tree away this year!

  9. I always love the way you tell stories and apparently the way your daughter can too!

    Lovely pages!

    PS - You can always find a tree... you may just have to drive a little further...

  10. Sorry about being tree-less. I say use all your scrap supplies and make one. If it comes out half as gorgeous as the layouts you showed in your post, it will be perfect. Love how you did the word merry multiple times on the top layout. Very eye catching!

  11. I am in LOVE with your merry, merry, etc. title. Fabulous!

  12. Just amazing layouts. Very festive indeed!

  13. Oh so beautiful!! Love your layouts!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous layouts, Jill! Sorry about the lack of a tree this year. I like Sasha's idea of a Christmas treasure hunt, LOL.

  15. I *heart* that merry, merry, merry so much!

  16. thanks so much for droppin by my blog and leaving a gorgeous comment .. it really means a lot to me.... hugs x