Friday, December 10, 2010


Baby, it's cold outside!
Yes, even in Hawaii.
I'm wearing lots of layers,
and having lots of trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
It's been in the 50's when I wake up,
and while I know that makes me a total weather wimp,
you must understand that we don't have AC or heat.
The temperature is controlled by Mother Nature around here.
So if I wake up and the house is freezing,
the only way to respond to that is to freeze with it.
I kind of love this weather, actually.
It makes me want to hibernate.

Time for the segue
and the real reason I'm posting:
the weather may be getting colder,
but the JBS gallery is ON FIRE!
Check it out right here.
This delicious kit finally made it into my hands,
and I wasted no time getting scrap-happy:

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great weekend,


  1. Beautiful pages! I really love the monthly bingo card page!

  2. wow oh wow I just love these especially the second one, GREEN is one of my fave colours.... I love your style Jill.. beautiful work .. hugs x

  3. Wow love these as usuall. Especially that calandar card page! How amazing is that. YOu make using lots of photos so easy!!!

  4. Wonderful LOs, but I am especially taken with the calendar page. So creative!

  5. That top layout is INCREDIBLE! I am totally stealing this idea, though I'm sure it won't turn out half as cool! :)

  6. Beautiful, Jill!

    And, you stay warm, too.

  7. Oh I just love all of these, but especially the first!

  8. on fire alright!! you're amazing my friend!

  9. Jill-- I just LOVE your work! So gorgeous and so inspiring.

  10. The calendar page is wonderful! I have not even had a chance to open my Dec JB kit :( It sits on my scrap table amid the wrapping paper, tape & ribbons! Maybe after Christmas when I have not company or work!