Monday, December 27, 2010

Fast Break

Where I've Been Today: at home, cleaning

Where I Would Like to Have Been Today: the movies

What I Had for Breakfast: rootbeer and Christmas cookies
What I Have Planned for Dinner: beef burgundy and scalloped potatoes

How I Started My Day: in front of the computer for the Studio Calico presale (I love you, Mary Jane!)
How I Hope to End My Day: reading more of Clockwork Angel before bed

What I'm Wearing: blue jeans and my Matt Costa t-shirt

What I'd Rather Be Wearing: I'm happy with jeans, and I'm down with Matt, but I wouldn't mind this shirt from Anthro:

What I'm Least Excited about Right Now: the prospect of returning to cleaning in a minute; it seems that the more I clean, the messier this place gets

What I'm Most Excited about Right Now: the prospect of more time with the JBS January kit once I finish cleaning for the day (here's a peek, and here's another)
Back to my messes...and not the fun kind...


  1. Fun breakfast! Gorgeous shirt and great post! TFS!

  2. oooh those cookies are super yummy!!! and yeap, was starring at that add-on for awhile, but given how much I spent last month... had to let it go. can't wait to see what you create with it!! :)

  3. Love that shirt too! Gorgeous sneak!

  4. love the snippett of your work Jill, and words are fascinating aren't they??? I am a qualified NLP practitioner and it is amazing how unaware people are about the way they use language... many people are so unaware of how their negative thoughts and words create negative behaviour .... I like the way you use words Jill... a little bit of fun .. hugs x

  5. Way to make the right choice today, Jill. I made the wrong choice and went to the movies instead of cleaning. My house is embarrassing.

    And, I can't wait to see this January JB kit you've been talking so much about.