Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She's Making Her List...and It's Blank.

This is the time of the year
when excitement and desperation build simultaneously,
and man, am I feeling both.

I love the holidays,
but I have realized that I have officially run out of (reasonable) gift options
for my husband and daughter.

What do you get for a thirteen-year-old girl
who has outgrown toys,
who doesn't want any more clothes,
who has the cell phone, camera, computer, and iPod covered,
who possesses all of the books she's been wanting to read,
who is currently playing the video game for which she's been longing,
and whose father will shoot you the evil eye
if you dare utter the words "another pet"?

What do you get for a husband
who just got the WoW expansion he's been anticipating,
who has more than enough dress shirts,
who prefers old school razors to electric ones,
who is fully stocked on cologne and after shave,
who has free gym privileges and doesn't need a membership or equipment,
who neither needs nor wants anything remotely resembling a tool,
and who says, "Don't get me anything" and actually means it?


To avoid giving them the gift of a full-on pre-holiday panic attack,
I'm devoting my excess energy toward creative outlets,
keeping my scrappy fingers busy working on a bunch of layouts.
Here's a teeny peek of one of my JBS kit layouts,
which I'm working on for the mid-month reveal.

I look forward to putting together this "year in the life" layout annually,
using my favorite photos of my daughter from each month of the year
and a ton (I'm not exaggerating) of accents, to boot.
I'll share the full layout soon, I promise!

I'm also working on some Shimmerz projects,
as evidenced by my multi-colored fingers.
Speaking of all that is shimmery and shiny...

Score! Shimmerz is extending its 30% off sale
through December 20,
so it's the perfect time to stock up on your favorites.

If only shopping for my husband and daughter could be so easy.


  1. I hear ya about meaningful gifts vs. more junk vs. husband's who really say they don't want anything. What's a gal to do?

    My suggestion? Try to find a consumable gift you know they would like. A gift card to a fav, pricey restuarant. A movie theatre gift card. Vacation voucher. Something to that effect!

  2. Who doesn't love a sale! Thanks Jill for being such a great Shimmerz rep!!!

  3. i say giftvouchers for movies! or starbucks :D

  4. I think you should give them words. Write for them.

  5. mmmmm, it is a conundrum now isn't it? Hmmmm.... when you figure it out, let me know, eh?