Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've been

reading "carpe diem" poems, Margaret Cavendish's Orations, and Aemilia Lanyer's "Eve's Apology" with my seniors, "The Minister's Black Veil" and The Great Gatsby with my juniors, and bits and pieces of Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw when I happen to get into bed at a reasonable hour (thus, only a few sentences have been read so far). 

wondering why I can't get last night's dream out of my head.  It was particularly resonant, and I blame it all on Robert Herrick (see "carpe diem" poems above).  After four periods of "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may" throughout the day yesterday, I fell asleep last night and dreamed that I was at a high school reunion.  The room reeked of should-have-dones and could-have-beens, and at one point, overwhelmed, I left the room, and emerged in a kind of springtime world.   There I was, traveling on a gravel path that curved upward and stretched ahead of me, my destination unclear.  The path itself was lined with rosebushes, the blooms a deep wine red.  I stopped for a moment to pluck the buds, gathering them up in my palms, studying them and smiling.  An epiphanic moment?  Dream over.  Meaning hazy.  Herrick obvious.  Anyone up for psychoanalyzing me? :) 

scrapping a few pages for Lily Bee, using lots o' pink and polka dots.  I tend not to use pink too often, but it's been calling to me lately.  

reeling over the CHA releases, and feeling EVER so lucky to discover peeks at the new products and lines from Shimmerz, Jenni Bowlin Studios, and Lily Bee.    I'm also going a wee bit crazy over the JBS Mercantile kits lately.  The January kit had me oohing and aahing, but upon seeing the February kit, those oohs and aahs were accompanied by lots of wistful sighing.  Every kit is a treasure, seriously. 

watching last night's Modern Family.  I stopped breathing at least twice -- I was laughing so hard.  How could that show NOT have trounced every other show at the Golden Globes, I ask you?  It's brilliant.   Oh, and Grey's, lately?  W-wow.  I'm so glad Christina's back to normal -- well, her kind of normal.  I was getting so frustrated with her funk. 

listening to The Black Keys, The Naked and Famous, Vampire Weekend (always), Cage the Elephant, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  

(re)discovering Andrea Joseph.  Wowsers.  

spending too much at Starbucks.  I'll figure out how to wean myself off of my near-daily frappuccino.  Ha.  Not likely. 

wearing what's in my closet, and trying to keep it that way.   

looking forward to the weekend.  I may actually cook a meal for the first time this week!  

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  1. Maybe this is stalkerish, but there are many times when I read your blog and cannot stop thinking that we would be great real-life friends if only an entire country didn't separate us.

    Today was one of those times.

    (I want to steal this idea for a post sometime soon.)