Monday, January 10, 2011

Ten Days In...

Ten days into the new year, and I've been
working more than I've been playing,
but I have been making a l i t t l e time to play, too.
The mid-month gallery at JBS Mercantile has the proof:

I created an album to help me focus on my word for 2011, savor.
I machine-sewed vintage papers to create a booklet of sorts.

The idea itself came from a conversation among members of the JBS team,
as we talked about ways to use the monthly bingo calendar cards
that are exclusive to each 2011 JBS Mercantile kit.
Once the term "mini-album" was put out there,
the wheels started turning.
I decided to create an album that would be a constant work-in-progress.

The layout is both simple and functional.
On the left side of each two-page layout will be the calendar card,
embellished with bits and pieces from each month's kit
(a way of "savoring" the little things),
and at the end of each month, I'll add a few photos there, too.
On the right side of each layout will be an envelope
that contains my thoughts, reflections, and observations
about what I would like to hold on to for a little longer
about this time, these days.
I don't want to wait until the end of a month to jot down these thoughts,
or to worry about where or how to place them visibly on a layout,
so the envelope is the best approach for me.
So far, so good:
I've also been busy
putting together some October Afternoon projects for CHA.
I was thrilled to be asked, and had SO much fun
playing with some of my favorite OA products.

Work hard, play hard, right? :)
Not bad for only ten days in...


  1. Jill what A SENSATIONAL IDEA... I have been putting together a journal mini book using water colour paper to add water colour paint to etc. and now I will use my word TRUST and make my journal based on my word ... thanks for your inspiration ... woo hoo!! I feel excited ... big hugs x

  2. yay for playing!!!
    and i loooooove that book!!!

    i keep meaning to put together at least a layout with my word, but haven't gotten there yet ;) oops.

  3. You amaze me. Seriously. The book is beautiful, Jill.

  4. Ooh, lovely!! :) And yay for playing, too! Can't wait to see your OA projects!