Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update

A LOT of grading...
I remember reading somewhere that once a teacher stops enjoying reading student writing, then that teacher needs to stop teaching English.  I still enjoy reading student writing when there is genuine effort put into it, and grading that kind of writing and giving feedback on that kind of writing is never an issue, but oh, it is painful to try to face a piece of writing that I know -- I just know -- was rushed and done without much thought at all.  Should there be pleasure in reading all student writing?  Perhaps it's not about what should be, but what shouldn't be there -- apathy.  I fear the teacher who doesn't even read what students write.  The fact that I still get frustrated by some students' writing is a good sign: it means I still care.

A LOT of laundry...
I had to lug a bunch of laundry over to my mom's place, since our washer has broken YET again.  This is the second time in about six weeks.  The washer itself is fine; its computerized brain is the problem.   Thus, the trip over the mountains to my mom's place, with piles of laundry and the dog in tow (for company, since my mom was away for the weekend).   Faced with the prospect of no internet for several hours, I made a pizza run to Bob's...

which is amazing when hot, and pretty awful when cold, and I settled down with Cassandra Clare's latest book, Clockwork Angels.  Why is it that books that take me a day or two to finish over vacations take me about thirty times as long to finish during the school year?  In a sense, I'm glad I had to do laundry.  It forced me to indulge in a little silent "me" time.

A LITTLE bit of scrapping...
I couldn't resist -- I also brought a box of scrap supplies with me.  I learned very quickly how nearly impossible it is for me to create a page anywhere other than at home.  I plan as I go, apparently, which isn't really planning at all.  Once I got home, I added a few final touches.  The result:
I used some of my favorite Shimmerz colors (like Samrock and Mello Yello) to fill in the spaces in the Studio Calico Days of the Week stamps.  I've always wanted to create a page about my wedding ring. I've never been a fool for diamonds, and insisted on only a gold band when Rob and I got married.  It is simple, but so meaningful.

There are more details on the Shimmerz blog.  Speaking of Shimmerz, there's a new CHA release, and I am stoked.  These are the new Coloringz colors:

I can't wait to play with these!  Valentino totally reminds me of Pantone's color for 2011, Honeysuckle.

Lily Bee also has a few sneaks on the blog.

That turquoise is calling my name.

I also created another page this weekend, celebrating love, love, crazy love.

This page is chock-full of JBS products.  More details are on today's blog post on the JBS blog.   If you stopped by the blog this morning, you may have noticed a new JBS release as well, Be Our Guest.  There's also this:

Ooh, textured cardstock.  I'm in.

Well, I'm off to the airport now to pick up my daughter, who's been playing near lava and making snow angels this weekend on the Big Island.   Lucky chick.

Have a great week, all!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog because I love your scrap creations, but also because I can relate, being a teacher of middle school English myself. I spent much of the weekend grading papers and can totally relate with your comments about student writing. I still feel the same way about reading writing...I love seeing the work of students who clearly put time and effort into their piece, and get frustrated when students clearly did not put in the time and effort. Ugh...such is life I guess. Here's to our continued enjoyment and frustration of student writing. May there be more enjoyment than frustration in 2011.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend (other than the laundry).

  3. Oh I love that layout!! Very beautiful!

    It's best I didn't teach English because when I would read my social work students' papers was like torture sometimes!

  4. I love your blog so different and inspiring and full of great and unique info....Jill, I just adore the red, black and white page with touches of pink ... outstanding .. I cant stop looking at it ... hugs x

  5. Wow Jill-- your layouts are amazing!! Seriously.. That is one beautiful layout;)

  6. Um, I got a DSLR instead of a diamond. Great stuff, friend!