Monday, January 31, 2011

Will You?

The will is strong,
but sometimes,
especially when loves comes around,
it has a way of bending
and intertwining
with another's.

I think back to when this guy
asked me to his junior prom
and I said "yes."
Mist: Shimmerz; paper: Pink Paislee, Cosmo Cricket; letters: Making Memories;
stamps: Studio Calico; border sticker: KI Memories. 

It was a little Diane Court/Lloyd Dobler at first,
I admit:
"We're going out.  It's a date. It's a scam. Whatever."

I was strong-willed
and completely lost,
"hard to get" because I didn't "get" myself,
not with a head full of expectations,
one of which was that we would always be friends
(and only friends, actually),
and another of which
was that love would find me
somewhere down the line,

I didn't know then
(though I know now)
that love had already found me,
and he stayed, through it all.
Through every "self" that I tried on,
through every version of "love" that I embraced
(and let go)
he saw me,
and loved me
(and didn't let go).

my prom date became my husband
but he was always, always my faithful friend.
And he still is.


  1. I love your style Jill, so different and unique ... just stunning.. hugz x

  2. oh my Gosh Jill you have done it again!! just hanging out for what you come up with next!! so very inspirational for me!!
    Luv Renee

  3. What a gorgeous LO, and a great story.

  4. Love the Say Anything reference. It totally takes me back to one of my favorite Modern Family moments. . . Dylan playing his iPod below Haley's window and Phil talking to him about Say Anything.