Monday, February 28, 2011

G'bye February, Hello March!

February may only have 28 days, but it really kicked my butt this year.
March and its 31 days seem more welcoming by comparison.

...a bunch of macrophages combating this cold virus that STILL has me coughing.
...lots of sleep, though I plan to gain it all back in a few weeks during Spring Break.
...valuable Calvinball time due to a crazy schedule and aforementioned affliction.

...16.5 Calvinball points, though I was hoping for at least 28 ("slow and steady," my turtle #$%).
...a really lovely pair of earrings for Valentine's Day.
...a slightly cleaner house, though I did not go gently into that battle.

I'm so looking forward to March,
and I'm starting it off right,
with a GAIN, the JBS March kit!

Yep, March is definitely in like a lion --
a lion who appreciates pretty paper and vintage tidbits, that is.
This month's gallery is amazing,
and there will be even more to come this weekend, AND on the 10th.

Each month I have trouble playing favorites with the kits.
The design team often tosses around the question,
"What was your favorite item?"
Usually I list about three things (or more),
but this month, I fell hard for one particular item:
the silhouette charm.
I couldn't resist using it as a mask:

Yesterday I even ventured out of my layout comfort zone and attempted a mini-album,
creating envelopes from the papers in the main kit and assembling them like so:

There are more pics of the album and its contents in the gallery,
if you'd like to see more details.

I used the main kit for my projects,
but I also have big plans for the other kits available this month,
including an amazing project kit (you MUST see it here)
and two gorgeous add-on kits, "Hers" and "His."

While we're all gearing up for this weekend's online crop,
perhaps this will get you even more excited about all things JBS!
I know it had me drooling at the words "Malted Milk."
Love that stuff.


  1. OMG your style is so awesome !!!!love this page and those envelopes are to die for !!!!! gorgeous!!!! I have a template for an envelope somewhere???I used it with a few matching cards and I remember it being a real hit !!!you have inspired me to seek it out !!! hugz x

  2. Love everything JBS. And your work just make everything even more beautiful.

  3. love your page. yay for your mini!

  4. Ohhhh, the envelopes, I love. This JBS kit snuck right up on me this time being such a short month - now I gotta go check it out! I can't wait to see your creations.

  5. Really love how you used the charm as a mask! :)

  6. Love this idea of a post.

    And, the envelop mini album? Be still my heart.