Monday, February 7, 2011

Hop to It!

Today is my grandma's birthday, and she loves the card that I made for her using Jenni Bowlin's Be Our Guest line...and you know I wouldn't use just any paper for my grandma's 91st birthday card!  

Would you like a chance...or maybe two or four or six or more chances to win JBS gift cards so that you can make this collection your own?  Well, then, let the blog hop begin!  

Welcome to Jenni Bowlin Studio's CHA Winter 2011 Blog Hop, brought to you by our newest release, "Be Our Guest!"  

This is our largest release everfilled with all sorts of pretties from the patterned paper, stickers, rub-ons, bingo cards, and unique embellishments you've come to know and love, to a new foray into acrylic stamps and project foundations.  You can see the entire release HERE. To celebrate, we're offering you lots and lots of opportunities to win $15 gift cards to JBS Mercantile. 

You can enter to win at the following locations:
Twitter: We will be giving away TWO $15 gift cards to one NEW follower on Twitter.  These will be sent to the winner and to a friend of the winner's choosing, so if you're already a follower of @jbsmercantile then get some of your friends to follow us too!  We will also be randomly choosing a winner from those who retweet the "CHA Winter 2011 Giveaway" post.

NEWSFLASH . . . Jenni now has a Twitter account!  It's @jennibowlin and we will be choosing a random winner from her followers as well!  Follow her on Twitter HERE.

Facebook: Look for the post that mentions, "Be Our Guest Giveaway" and leave a comment to be entered into the first drawing.  We will also be randomly choosing a second winner from our NEW Facebook followers, so tell all your friends!

JBS Mercantile Message Board: In the "Town Square," leave a comment on the thread entitled, "Be Our Guest Giveaway."

The JBS Inspiration Blog: Leave a comment on the "CHA Winter 2011 Blog Hop" post telling us which of our new products is your favorite.

Some of the design team members are also hosting giveaways on their blogs, so be sure to make the rounds on their blogs as well!   <<< I'm one of them, so please be sure to comment below.  Rather than make it TOO easy to win your $15 gift card, however, here's your challenge.  Comment in rhyme.  That's right.  Rhyme

Get to hopping, and good luck! 

ETA:  Your comments are CRACKING ME UP!  Keep 'em coming! 
ETA (Again):  The contest is now closed. Thanks for participating! 


  1. wow I just adore this card--it is sensational and those papers are magic ... hugz x

  2. roses aren't blue.. but i love you! :P

  3. Great project! I'd love to get my hands on some of the new products!

  4. Here's my rhyme
    to say I use Jenni's products
    all of the time.
    This new release "Be our Guest!"
    is certainly one of her best.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. Fun freebies make my day,
    It's fun to visit blogs and play,
    If I won a chance to shop,
    It would be worth every hop.

  6. a product such as jenni bowlin
    is just so fine
    please come home to me
    i want to make you mine!

  7. Thanks for the chance to win, but my rhyming is in the trash bin!!

  8. Beautiful card!!! I'll go check out the rest of the blogs!

  9. I love this new line,
    and it will look might fine,
    on my scrapbook pages--they will look the best!
    I can't wait to get ahold of "Be our Guest!"

  10. There was a new release from Jenni Bowlin
    Fresh from CHA, the new products come rollin'
    Silhouettes, tart tins and acrylic stamps,
    So many goodies--my heart has been stolen!!!

  11. Beautiful cards! Love the new JBS stuff!

  12. What a lovely card for a lovely event... a 91st birthday! :)

    Would love some new JBS! :)

  13. Love that card!! Love all of the new items, especially those lovely new stamps!

  14. I'd love to win
    and it can't be a sin
    to look for such beauty
    as that is my duty.
    Thank you!

  15. just for this chance
    I'd do a little dance
    the new stuff is great
    and I don't want to wait
    I'd sure love to win
    so I'm putting my name in!


  16. i get my crafty fill,
    when i stop by and check out jill! :)

    heee! Thx for the chance-- adore jenni bowlin!

  17. Love the new collection
    Its quite a reflection
    of Jenni's style and taste
    let the prize not go to waste
    Let me win let me win
    And I will GRIN GRIN GRIN

  18. Love the card
    and the colors too.
    And it is very hard
    not to luv you.


  19. I don't like rhyme
    It takes so much time
    But I love the new line

  20. Your card is so fab that I just had to gab!
    Love the new JBS line & all that has been done with it,
    And I have to admit, I wouldn't mind receiving it one bit!!

  21. this rhyming is hard
    instead, i think iĺl make a card
    i´ll use glue, not lard
    and show a bird in a yard....

    i hope i will win
    thanks - that would make me grin!

  22. She asks for a rhyme
    I say, "who's got time?"
    But it's not like a DT call -
    just need two minutes, that's all.

    My lines aren't so great
    but with JBS I've got a date.
    Really hoping I can win
    some new Jenni Bowlin!

  23. would love to win
    it could be a sin
    how much i love
    all the new stuff

  24. Of all the things that Jenni's made, the new little albums make the grade!

  25. Jenni's products are the best
    Let me win this GC so I can get some Be Our Guest!
    Come on help a gal out
    so she doesn't have to go pout!
    I really want all those pretties
    as you can tell this I not full of witties.
    Thanks for a chance to win, Jill!

  26. Love the new line,
    Wish it were all mine! :)

  27. LOL... I missed the part about rhyming, oops!

    And what rhymes with oops but whoops!


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. it's a crime
    because I can't rhyme
    but i tried hard
    because i really liked your card.

  30. I'd have to say
    that this is a neat way
    to win some awesome stuff.

  31. An haiku:

    I love the mini chipboard stars!
    I gotta find a rhyme in "ar"
    I give up.

  32. I love your card with Jenni's collection
    but my poetry skills are on defection.
    So let's cut this comment short...
    at least I've tried being a good sport!

  33. there is so much to love
    that i cannot get enough
    i'm not such a poet
    and i sure do know it

  34. I think all of the JenniB
    was made for me!
    I hope I win
    so I can take a spin
    to the JBS store
    and buy some more!!!


  35. Love Jenni's stuff - can't get enough!!

  36. taking time
    to make a rhyme
    to try and win
    and buy a tiny tin
    from JBS site
    which is dynomite!

  37. what amazing fabulousness - I just love JBS

  38. While we impatiently wait for spring
    New seasonal goodies Ms. Jenni does bring;
    Spools and papers and charms all for play
    Just like the designers, or in our own way.
    But first a small party by way of a hop -
    Pick me for the gift card, ’cause I love to shop!

  39. lookin' mighty fine.
    i wish it were all mine.

  40. so so great!!! loving all the new stuff