Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Blog, Myself?

According to, I am a performer:

Entertaining?  Here's hoping.  Friendly?  Sure, why not?  Attuned to pleasure and beauty?  Why, thank you for noticing!  Non-confrontational?  Really quite true.

However, though the visual suggests otherwise, I'm not a fan of go-go boots, cocktails, or mangy perms.

Apparently there's even a neurological component of this analysis, all in just one click:

What can I say?  I'm just a sensy-feely kind of gal, though I probably should work more on my intuition, as that is clearly the coolest part of the blogger brain.   As for the "thinking" component, I proudly attest that this blog rarely contains logic or mathematics.

Have you tried this before?  Are you brave enough to try it now?  I'm curious -- what "type" are you, my bloggy compatriot?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jill! :)

    And, I tried that typealyzer... says I'm a part of the Socializers. teehee. It's kind of ironic, seeing as I'm not much of a social person.

    And, as Jamie said... I can see you rocking those boots! :)

  2. I was typed the exact same as you. Odd. It was weird seeing my entire blog on the page.

    Go-go boots + Jill= *big head nod* :)

  3. hey Jill this is fun I am the "Socializers" ... pretty spot on for me .... the social and opinionated type ... I can be!!! LOL !!!!but I am also attuned to feelings, "down to earth ", practical and neat and tidy and value friends and family ...all true ... hugz x
    thanks for this Jill a bit of fun !!

  4. LOL..had to try it out, and got the same result as you, right down to the brainactivity :p

  5. Odd, I am an INFP that became INFJ while working in a very toxic workplace. Haven't done my profile since then, but an NOT and extrovert by any means. Interesting with the brain profile though.