Friday, March 11, 2011

Only Just.

Yesterday after school Z and I headed to the North Shore for dinner.
We had no idea that in a few hours' time, the area would be a ghost town,
with a tsunami heading toward the island chain.
Luckily, we live away from the coast, so we did not have to evacuate,
but many of our family and friends had to leave their homes last night.
My mom lives right on the edge of an evacuation zone,
but wanted to stay put, so I spent all night worrying about her and praying.
Thankfully, all is well here now.
The tsunami did hit, but it did not go far inland.
There is damage to coastlines, and the footage makes my eyes widen,
but it is nothing compared to what the people of Japan are facing.
My heart hurts, and my prayers go out to them.
Life really is so fragile, and times like this remind me
that despite our human weaknesses, we must live strongly and fully.
We need to focus on what matters most: each other.


  1. Thank you for your sweet post over at SC! My thoughts and prayers go out to those near you affected by the tsunami as well as those in Japan.

  2. hi

    glad youre ok
    found your site from the artjournal one, julies.

    my sisters in hawaii, the big island, it was a bit worrying, hope youre ok now too. such a crazy time... hope there is some balance and healing in Japan soon.

    lovely comments of toni morrison as well