Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrap Therapy

There's nothing quite like a page just because.
No assignment. No deadline. No sketch. No plan.

Then again, there's nothing quite like the rush
of working on under a deadline with specific products
and a sketchy kind of idea that morphs into something special,
like this layout that I created for the JBS mid-month March gallery.

No matter how a page evolves,
I just fall into the process.

It sweeps me up, takes me in, and I'm in my element. 
Sometimes it's challenging, and sometimes it's fluid and easy,
but it's always gratifying. 


  1. yummy yummy yummy !!! love in my tummy !!! sensational as always ... love the way you use paper so original and exquisite!!! hugz x

  2. Oh, I love your pages so much! The use of the same photo multiple times is brilliant! Makes me want to create something..

  3. So pretty! I need to make some time to make things. Soon.

  4. ...and they are always beautiful. Deadline or not, you always hit the proverbial scrapping nail on the head! ;)

  5. I always love your work, whether it be for an assignment or not! I really like what you did with the bingo card, so fun. Glad you are ok after the events of last week, I did think of you. I hope your family and friends are safe, the world is becoming one scary place!

  6. It's somewhat comforting to hear you say that sometimes the process is easy and quick and other times it's more of a challenge. That's exactly how I feel. I wonder why sometimes it just seems to flow, and at others it seems a struggle every step of the way. Either way, your pages never cease to amaze and inspire me :-)

  7. I really like yer scrap page, luv luv the sunny stamp!

    C :)

  8. I agree, I love both processes. These layouts are both just stunning--I love your photography so much.

  9. The pages look amazing, and I LOVE the beard. My sweetie's had one for about 6 months now and I'm quite the fan :)