Sunday, March 13, 2011


Unfortunately, since school was closed on Friday,
I wasn't able to take home my stack of student essays
to grade over the weekend.

Fortunately, this means I had some extra playtime on my hands.

Unfortunately, since I didn't spend the weekend grading papers,
I will be spending the next few days and nights
buried in essays, since the quarter ends this week.

Fortunately, I will have a week to recover,
since spring break is right around the corner!

Unfortunately, this means I may not be posting for a few days.

Fortunately, the deluge of essays is only temporary.
Soon I'll exchange one set of papers for pretty patterned ones. :)
Spring break, we'll be together soon!


  1. wow this is sooo beautiful .. love the blending of colours .. sensational as always ... hugz x
    happy happy days xo

  2. Ah, spring break. She looms just over the horizon for me.

    Such a tease.

  3. Gorgeous layout Jill! I always adore your original style! Enjoy your spring break!

  4. The same thing happened to me on Friday. Though my spring break and end of the quarter aren't till the end of March, so I ahve some time to catch up.

  5. Yea for spring break and Yea for pretty patterned paper!!

  6. you have such a fresh style~ love it.