Saturday, April 30, 2011

Come What May

The May JBS kit is EVER so lovely.
The gallery went live tonight,
and it is full of gorgeous projects from the design team.
I'm working on a few more projects for the mid-month reveal,
but in the meantime, here are my gallery contributions,
using the main kit and the "Farmer's Market" add-on:
There are more details in the gallery, if you're interested.
The May kits are just the beginning of an incredible month at JBS.
You'll be wanting to visit the JBS Mercantile blog daily -- trust me on that!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Mama

...would love to get a handmade card from you this Mother's Day, I'm sure.

H-Handmade, you say, quaking?  
C-c-card, you say, becoming short of breath?

If I can make one, you can make one, I say.
I believe in miracles,
especially after making not just ONE card, but TWO,
for today's October Afternoon Mother's Day card post,
which features a bunch of amazing h-handmade c-c-card ideas for Mother's Day.
You know that I'm generally card impaired,
but these simple, quick, and EASY cards came together in minutes!

The first card uses Modern Homemaker, and the second card uses 5 & Dime.
I also used the new Sprinklers from October Afternoon on the second card,
and they are quickly finding a place among my go-to supplies.

Honestly, I was nervous about the Sprinklers.
I was afraid to be disappointed,
since so many other mists (or rather, mist wannabes) have disappointed me.
I didn't think that anything could rival my other favorite mists,
but oh, there's a misty throwdown in the works.
I used Paper Doily, which has an amazing opaque white finish.
Me love. Me love love.
It doesn't cause the paper to buckle, it dries quickly, and it looks great.
As I play -- I mean, work diligently -- with more of the Sprinklers,
I'll be sure to share the results!
I know the OA design team is really excited about them,
and now that we've had a chance to use them,
we will no doubt be sharing lots of Sprinkler-happy projects
in the days and weeks to come.  Woo hoo!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Up for a Challenge?

I have two of 'em!

The first can be found on the October Afternoon blog.  It's a scrappy scavenger hunt, so if you love challenges, this one's definitely for you!  I figure, the kids had their chance yesterday to hunt for eggs, so it's only fair that the adults have their turn now.  Here's what I came up with, using all twenty-five items from the list:

If you're interested in playing along, be sure to post your layout in the October Afternoon Flickr gallery, and be entered for a chance to win some October Afternoon goodies!

The second challenge can be found on the JBS Mercantile blog.  JBS is sponsoring Ella Publishing's Spring Training over the next couple of weeks, and today's challenge is to share a layout that represents your "signature" style, and attempt to describe that style.  Here's my attempt to describe my style:
Although I think of style as something organic, shifting and changing as we shift and change, I do notice that there are some telltale elements that have been present in my style for years: 
-- Bright colors mixed with neutrals. I definitely prefer colors that pop, but I also tend to go for neutral backgrounds so that I can have a bit more freedom when adding bolder colors to a page.
-- Bits and pieces. Scissors in hand, I hunt for "telling" bits and pieces to add to my layouts. I especially love cutting patterns and journaling cards into smaller pieces and finding homes for them on a layout, working them into the layers. "Gatherings" of bits and pieces also tend to show up often on my pages. 
-- Sewing. A page never feels finished to me unless it includes some form of stitching. 
-- Painterly touches. Paint and mist always add that extra oomph and equal parts loveliness and funk to patterns and accents. 
-- Motifs. There is always some kind of repeated pattern or idea on my layouts. It's the English major in me, no doubt; I'm always working with a metaphor, a symbol, or a central theme.
I think this description pretty much pertains to any one of my layouts.   I'm curious to hear how others describe their style -- care to share?

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Noticed: Subtext.

I'm so in love with this time of year
that even the weeds look beautiful to me.
I know I shouldn't be feeling sympathy for them,
but just look at them,
fighting their way through the cracks in the cement.
They are strong-willed,
moving upward, against the odds,
to reach the sunlight.
I think
that I shall leave them there
and let them climb over the sidewalks
and up over my roof
and into my windows
and across my toes
letting them show me the way.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Right About Now

Just typing "right about now"
makes "The Rockefeller Skank" pop into my head.
Yep, there's a funk soul brother 
dancing around in there right about now.
In fact, he's been there ever since I put the letter stickers down on this layout 
that I created for the Two Peas in a Bucket month-long Stamping & Cardmaking feature: 
I used some of my favorite stamps 
from Jenni Bowlin Studios, October Afternoon, and American Crafts here, 
a bunch of the papers that I splurged on recently from Two Peas,
and my favorite stamping ink EVER, from Jenni Bowlin for Ranger.

Some of the techniques that I mention in the post include 
sewing to accent stamped images...

 embossing and misting backgrounds...
 stamping with mist...
repeating stamped images...
 adding stamps to patterns...
and embossing images
(oh, MAN, do I love this JBS butterfly stamp)
I'm off to go watch Top Chef Masters now -- it's a great season so far! 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrap It or Wear It.

I remember sitting down at my desk
wearing white sweatpants,
but now, as I sit here,
I am wearing red and yellow and blue splotched sweatpants --
just as they SHOULD look after a scrap-happy coupla days.

The JBS mid-month gallery is raring to go,
chock full of gorgeous and creative ideas for using the April Mercantile kits.
I seriously swooned when I saw Kerry Lynn's backgrounds
and Keisha's flowers and Danielle's cards and Doris's misting and...
just go look!

Here are my contributions to the gallery,
and the reason why I'm rocking varicolored sweats:

My daughter requested the silly title.  
How could I refuse her, especially after she won FOUR superiors 
(of four possible) at the speech meet yesterday?  
Gosh, and she did it all without tiger blood or without trolls interfering.  Har har. 

This next layout is all about one of my favorite foods EVER, lumpia. 
It's kind of tedious to make, but my daughter is a pro at folding the wrappers, 
so with both of us working together, we can kick out a batch in no time. 

I've had a few photos of my mom and Z 
that I've been meaning to include on a layout,
and this kit was PERFECT for them.  
This layout uses the April Showers add-on kit and a few of the main kit items.  
I SO love this Bazzill glazed cardstock, which is perfect as is,
but, as I discovered, also cooperates quite nicely with mist and paint. 
I repurposed the cord that was attached to the dress hanging form, 
and strung the vintage milk caps, letters, and other bits and pieces from it. 
The filter papers that came in the add-on kit were so fun to play with, 
especially with the addition of JBS for Ranger dye inks.  
I suppose this layout can be credited with starting the transformation 
from white sweatpants to white sweatpants no more. 

In addition to creating five layouts with this month's kits, 
I also added two more pages to my Savor album.
To create the pocket on the right, 
I repurposed the packaging that held the wooden letters from the main kit. 
I also had 
j u s t
enough time this afternoon 
and to create this garland, which is now brightening up my kitchen: 

Can you tell how much I LOVE this month's kits?  
I love them so much I'm wearing them.  :) 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Back from a Staycation

Ah, me -- I have not yet recovered from the weekend.  My husband so sweetly agreed to chaperone the senior prom with me, even though it meant he had to don a suit and tie.  Sadly, the only photo we got together was blurry...bummer...

Anyway, we made a full weekend of it, staying in Waikiki at the Hawaii Prince Hotel.  

The room service was incredible.  

My favorite dish had to be these smoked salmon roulades: 

The pillows, on the other hand, were not as wonderful.  Even after a night of recuperation last night, I still feel like I need a few more days to sleep off our staycation.  

Before I head off to sleep on a REAL pillow, I'll leave you with a sketch and layout that I created for October Afternoon, using the 5 & Dime and Modern Homemaker collections.   

You can find more details (and Roree Rumph's awesome interpretation of the sketch) on the October Afternoon blog.