Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scrap It or Wear It.

I remember sitting down at my desk
wearing white sweatpants,
but now, as I sit here,
I am wearing red and yellow and blue splotched sweatpants --
just as they SHOULD look after a scrap-happy coupla days.

The JBS mid-month gallery is raring to go,
chock full of gorgeous and creative ideas for using the April Mercantile kits.
I seriously swooned when I saw Kerry Lynn's backgrounds
and Keisha's flowers and Danielle's cards and Doris's misting and...
just go look!

Here are my contributions to the gallery,
and the reason why I'm rocking varicolored sweats:

My daughter requested the silly title.  
How could I refuse her, especially after she won FOUR superiors 
(of four possible) at the speech meet yesterday?  
Gosh, and she did it all without tiger blood or without trolls interfering.  Har har. 

This next layout is all about one of my favorite foods EVER, lumpia. 
It's kind of tedious to make, but my daughter is a pro at folding the wrappers, 
so with both of us working together, we can kick out a batch in no time. 

I've had a few photos of my mom and Z 
that I've been meaning to include on a layout,
and this kit was PERFECT for them.  
This layout uses the April Showers add-on kit and a few of the main kit items.  
I SO love this Bazzill glazed cardstock, which is perfect as is,
but, as I discovered, also cooperates quite nicely with mist and paint. 
I repurposed the cord that was attached to the dress hanging form, 
and strung the vintage milk caps, letters, and other bits and pieces from it. 
The filter papers that came in the add-on kit were so fun to play with, 
especially with the addition of JBS for Ranger dye inks.  
I suppose this layout can be credited with starting the transformation 
from white sweatpants to white sweatpants no more. 

In addition to creating five layouts with this month's kits, 
I also added two more pages to my Savor album.
To create the pocket on the right, 
I repurposed the packaging that held the wooden letters from the main kit. 
I also had 
j u s t
enough time this afternoon 
and to create this garland, which is now brightening up my kitchen: 

Can you tell how much I LOVE this month's kits?  
I love them so much I'm wearing them.  :) 


  1. oh my goodness! love them all...especially the threaded embellishments!!! Will be stealing that idea :)

  2. love them all!! the garland is so beautiful!!!

  3. wow, i love all your shown projects. but the "cp layouts" are awesome!

    greetings from germany

  4. wow, great LOs you made!
    btw, how do u know about lumpia?? it's an indonesian food :) glad that u like it! ;)

  5. Beautiful layouts. LOL on the winning!

  6. Absolutely in love with your LO's - WOW! And I had to stifle a giggle at the Charlie Sheen reference. :-P Congrats to your daughter too! :)

  7. Love every one of these. I love your use of color--how your layouts manage to look fresh and vintage at the same time.

  8. I now want some lumpia... haven't had it in years. ;) I haven't told you how much your work ROCKS lately... well it does. Thanks for the inspiration once again!