Monday, April 25, 2011

Up for a Challenge?

I have two of 'em!

The first can be found on the October Afternoon blog.  It's a scrappy scavenger hunt, so if you love challenges, this one's definitely for you!  I figure, the kids had their chance yesterday to hunt for eggs, so it's only fair that the adults have their turn now.  Here's what I came up with, using all twenty-five items from the list:

If you're interested in playing along, be sure to post your layout in the October Afternoon Flickr gallery, and be entered for a chance to win some October Afternoon goodies!

The second challenge can be found on the JBS Mercantile blog.  JBS is sponsoring Ella Publishing's Spring Training over the next couple of weeks, and today's challenge is to share a layout that represents your "signature" style, and attempt to describe that style.  Here's my attempt to describe my style:
Although I think of style as something organic, shifting and changing as we shift and change, I do notice that there are some telltale elements that have been present in my style for years: 
-- Bright colors mixed with neutrals. I definitely prefer colors that pop, but I also tend to go for neutral backgrounds so that I can have a bit more freedom when adding bolder colors to a page.
-- Bits and pieces. Scissors in hand, I hunt for "telling" bits and pieces to add to my layouts. I especially love cutting patterns and journaling cards into smaller pieces and finding homes for them on a layout, working them into the layers. "Gatherings" of bits and pieces also tend to show up often on my pages. 
-- Sewing. A page never feels finished to me unless it includes some form of stitching. 
-- Painterly touches. Paint and mist always add that extra oomph and equal parts loveliness and funk to patterns and accents. 
-- Motifs. There is always some kind of repeated pattern or idea on my layouts. It's the English major in me, no doubt; I'm always working with a metaphor, a symbol, or a central theme.
I think this description pretty much pertains to any one of my layouts.   I'm curious to hear how others describe their style -- care to share?

Have a great week!


  1. wow, this is an amzaing layout!!!
    i love layering so much and you made me stunning. thank you so much for sharing and i have totally respect that you used all of the 25th items !

    xo Felicitas from Germany

  2. This is beautiful, Jill! And love the scavenger hunt concept!