Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your Mama

...would love to get a handmade card from you this Mother's Day, I'm sure.

H-Handmade, you say, quaking?  
C-c-card, you say, becoming short of breath?

If I can make one, you can make one, I say.
I believe in miracles,
especially after making not just ONE card, but TWO,
for today's October Afternoon Mother's Day card post,
which features a bunch of amazing h-handmade c-c-card ideas for Mother's Day.
You know that I'm generally card impaired,
but these simple, quick, and EASY cards came together in minutes!

The first card uses Modern Homemaker, and the second card uses 5 & Dime.
I also used the new Sprinklers from October Afternoon on the second card,
and they are quickly finding a place among my go-to supplies.

Honestly, I was nervous about the Sprinklers.
I was afraid to be disappointed,
since so many other mists (or rather, mist wannabes) have disappointed me.
I didn't think that anything could rival my other favorite mists,
but oh, there's a misty throwdown in the works.
I used Paper Doily, which has an amazing opaque white finish.
Me love. Me love love.
It doesn't cause the paper to buckle, it dries quickly, and it looks great.
As I play -- I mean, work diligently -- with more of the Sprinklers,
I'll be sure to share the results!
I know the OA design team is really excited about them,
and now that we've had a chance to use them,
we will no doubt be sharing lots of Sprinkler-happy projects
in the days and weeks to come.  Woo hoo!


  1. c.c.card? i'm card-tarded! yours are beautiful btw!

  2. Maybe I'll give the OA Sprinklers a try. I have loved the way everyone uses mists, finally took the plunge and bought some...but I've been super disappointed! I've been experimenting with all kinds of things and just have not been impressed. Maybe I need to try a different color or different brand? Glad you recommend the Sprinklers. I'll give them a try.

    Also, this is my first comment! yay! :) Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. Ok, first of all, I have made only 2 whole cards and have never used any mists, but you make it seem so easy and flawless.
    Damn you ;)

  4. oh oh, i still have to make 2 cards for my mother and my mother in law...thank you for reminding me ;)
    gorgeous cards btw, Jill :)

    Felicitas from Germany

  5. Not just c-c-c-card.

    T-t-t-two c-c-c-cards.

  6. Love the layout of these cards and the colors are fabs!