Saturday, May 14, 2011


It's been a whirlwind week, a week of long days and late nights, what with my daughter's dance and choir concerts, my seniors getting ready to graduate, and the grading period shortly coming to an end.  It's that crazy time of year when I lose myself in towering stacks of laundry (oh, I wish that was an exaggeration), when my scrap desk is more scrap than desk, and when home-cooked meals are a faraway dream, because time just functions differently in May.  It's kind of thrilling, actually, accelerating toward the end of all things, and being so very close to the beginning of something new.

Looking back, looking ahead -- I'm trying to find my bearings.  Maybe that's why holding up a stop sign to the hustle and bustle and just taking a little time out to be creative and focused is so important.  Everything changes -- that's inevitable -- so it's important to hold on to what we can, while we can, and to remember what we can, while we can.

With that in mind, I created this mini-album using the JBS May project kit, which includes these amazing 7Gypsies portfolios. It brings together photos of my daughter from over the past few years with my thoughts about "growing a girl."
 Time to take another deep breath and plunge back into May!


  1. Such a wonderful gift to your daughter :)

  2. This is so beautiful thank you so much for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful book! Some great pics of your girl too! It will be a wonderful keepsake. (Love the JBS butterfly stamp too! Awesome!)

  4. when my scrap desk is more scrap than desk....classic!

    Such a beautiful idea for a young lady. My eldest is turning 13 this year, i'm thinking something like this would be a beautiful gift...

    absolutely gorgeous little book Jill:)

  5. This is stunning - what a precious album to share with your daughter :)

  6. This is a fabulous book, Jill! I love the numerous other projects on display at your blog as well! :)) Had to stop over - CM