Monday, June 27, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Even though it is summer, and summer Mondays don't qualify as real Mondays, today still felt like a typical Monday to me.  Mondays always seem to come with a catch. 

Maybe it started when I slept through the clock radio alarm and woke up with the words "asteroid" and "Michele Bachmann" in my head.  Or when I burned my tongue on my coffee.  Three times.  Or when Zoe's summer school class finished, and we drove for 20 minutes until I realized that I had left my purse behind.  


I spent hours this morning studying recipes I'd never made before but wanted to try.  I was careful in my planning, not wanting to waste time or money on a mediocre dish.  I pored over the pages of too-long-neglected cookbooks, trying to activate taste memories, imagining flavors and thinking about what side dishes would best complement my sure-to-be-masterpieces.  I even factored in options for leftovers.  I likely spent more time on this list than people spend writing their vows.   

After compiling a beautifully poetic grocery list and revising it twice, I then set out for the store with Miss "Are We Done Yet?" Sprott (and my purse).  Item number one on the list was a much-coveted beef brisket.  Alas, there was none to be found. I stood, unbelieving, in front of package after package of meat that wasn't brisket, suddenly disoriented and purposeless, my plans for greatness thwarted, my grocery list wilting in my fingers, until Zoe brought me back again with a curt, "Are we done yet?"  

Sadly, I will not be getting my B-to-the-R-to-the-I--S-K-to-the-E-to-the-T on this week, it seems.   

Oh, Monday. 

There is always a silver lining, though, and that is also the way with Mondays, I've found.  It all came together, eventually.  For instance, looking back on today, I've learned that Michele Bachmann and asteroids may really have more in common than I thought.  I also discovered that by the fourth try, my tongue was so numb it didn't burn when I drank my coffee.  I avoided spending money since I didn't have my purse with me when temptation called.  Finally, although I couldn't locate my brisket, I am going cow hunting tomorrow.  Kidding.  I'll try another store tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll be attempting the first chicken pot pie of my life.   

There was also a package waiting for me when I got home today, from Two Peas in a Bucket, full of scrappy goodies, so that helped my mood.  

I'm also happy to have a page featured on the October Afternoon blog today.  

The challenge?  Integrate words and pictures from OA products into your journaling.  I had a lot of fun with this one, and will definitely be trying this approach on future layouts. 
Looking at this layout makes me jones for chocolate chip cookies.  I need to make some again, and soon!  They're easily the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever tasted.
Another page that I'm excited about is one I've created with the July Jenni Bowlin Mercantile kit and the "Kite Strings" add-on kit.  There have been sneaks circulating on the JBS Inspiration blog, on Pinterest, and on the JBS message board, and this is one of them:  
I think you will agree that this is one of the most beautiful kits EVER in the history of EVER.  It also includes two exclusives (only available in the main kit) -- a butterfly mask and a "Soda Water" stamp.   Yep, this kit could most definitely get me through many Mondays, this I know.   


  1. The kit looks those colours:) And the buttons and "confetti" are perfect! And I LOVE the way you've included the letters and stickers into your handwriting. Such a great idea (that i'll be pinching of course!)

    glad you're monday improved :)

  2. oops! that's your monday, not you're...but you already knew that haha...

  3. Sounds similar to my Monday. :) Love your new LOs!

  4. Oh so beautiful layouts Jill!!
    So sorry about the MOnday-hate when that happens. Cheers to Tuesday!

  5. you really do have an amazing way with words! i smiled throughout the whole post.

    as always...your layouts amaze me! i'm going to have to check out the Jenni Bowlin kit. it looks beautiful.

    hoping you get your brisket on soon:)

  6. Love your challenge for the stickers, and that collage of punched pieces on the second layout is gorgeous!