Sunday, June 19, 2011

He's the Man.

He really is the best father I could have imagined for our daughter.

He dons the shirt she gave him
(which spells out DAD in binary code),
grabs the sunglasses from her face,
puts them on, and smiles unassumingly,
as if wearing bright aqua shades is just his thing,
and makes her laugh, laugh, laugh.

There aren't enough fathers who make their daughters laugh.
I scored BIG when I snagged this guy.

He's been teaching her chess,
and now she's obsessed.
He shares his passion for his career with her,
and is trying to persuade her to consider a future in computer science.
They play Dead Nation together
while I cringe.
They both share the same cosmic connection to the cat,
while the dog and I shake our heads at that craziness.
They work on math homework together
the way that some cooks will work together to perfect a recipe.
She has his beautiful blue eyes,
and he has her heart
and mine.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. WOw that is a father daughter bond... Thanks for sharing. Love the binary code tee.


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  2. oh how wonderful! you did score big and so did he!