Friday, June 17, 2011


Why are they so hard shop for?
Father's Day is just a few days away, and I'm drawing a blank.
I've got the card ready...
(Supplies: October Afternoon Rocket Age, Report Card Alphabet Wild Card, 
and Thrift Shop Wild Card)
but I'm really not sure what to do as far as the gift is concerned.
Or should I say gifts, rather, as I have more than one father on my list
(none of whom are actually mine, interestingly enough).
Shopping for Other People's Fathers' Day is TOUGH! 

So...if you have any ideas...send them my way, por favor. 
I could definitely use the help.


  1. I love your card, Jill! I always get my father-in-law a giftcard to a good steakhouse....and he always loves it! As for my husband, I'm really not sure yet. I need help on that end too!

  2. This card is fantastic! Very masculine and fun! I agree with cards are the way to go for dads. Men are way too hard to buy for!

  3. the card is amazing :) In Germany father's day was a few weeks ago and he get acard and a biiiiiig hug ;)

    xo Felicitas from Germany

  4. men SUCK to shop for. the hubs always appreciates a concert, or a get away more than an actual wrapped gift.

  5. Great card! I love that your 'layout' style shines through on this as well. It's so typically your style, and as soon as I saw it on the October Afternoon blog I knew who must have designed it. I admire that, as it sometimes feels like cards and layouts are two seperate entities when I do them! Love your work as always :-)

  6. What a cute card! I'm a little late to the Father's Day game but maybe for next time...I like to shop the online stores of my Dad and husband's favorite tv shows (for example: Deadliest Catch & American Pickers, etc. - you can get nice t shirts and guy stuff!)