Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth on the Sixth

I've been reading the comments on the last post, and I want to thank everyone for such a warm and enthusiastic response.  I feel loved.  :)  I'm still in shock, seeing "Garden Girl" under my avatar on Two Peas in a Bucket.  It's just...huge to me.

My first Garden Girl layout went up on the Fourth of July.
I fell into color and happily rolled around in it here.
Is it just me, or are you also loving Pebbles, Inc. products lately?  There were a bunch of candy dots in the July JBS kits, and then this paper and these floral buttons arrived the other day from Two Peas.  They all speak to my love of colorpop goodness.

I've been a little obsessed with grouping buttons together.  I have kind of a "thing" about unthreaded buttons -- they feel incomplete to me that way -- but rather than spend a whole week threading these buttons individually, I just looped some thread through one button hole in each button, creating a button line in the process.

I'm also feeling envelopes in a big way lately.  The June Studio Calico kit contained mini Smash envelopes, which are really very cute, and quite helpful when it comes to holding journaling.    

I need a sheet full of these camera rub-ons.  There was only one in the Oxford rub-on book from BasicGrey, and I used it grudingly here.  I so wanted to hoard it.  

Aside from being the day of my Garden Girl inauguration, the Fourth of July was also our nation's birthday, and we had a blast celebrating with family.  We went over to my mom's house, which was decked out most patriotically.  My mom and Z had stayed up the night before assembling an A-M-E-R-I-C-A banner and putting up red, white, and blue streamers.  There were even red, white, and blue centerpieces, and patriotic music playing (although I must confess that lively marches aren't really conducive to peaceful digestion).  Even the food was carefully coordinated.  I brought meatballs, which I had been craving, and watermelon cut into stars with a cookie cutter (an idea I got from Pinterest).

Yes, those are seeds.  Urgh. I thought I bought a seedless watermelon (or so the sign at the store led me to believe), but once I cut into it, I realized that it was most definitely not seedless.  It was delicious anyway, and everyone knows that spitting seeds is always attractive.

After dinner, we played bocce in the yard.  It was the first time we all had played the game, and though we had hilarious fun, I have my suspicions that my mom purchased the set because it worked with her color scheme.  How very Martha of her.
While the grill was still hot, we made S'mores.
The more carcinogenic, the better.  What's more American than that?

Today we're still grazing on leftovers.  I had meatballs for breakfast.  Good stuff.

Speaking of deliciousness, I'm not sure if you've wandered over to the October Afternoon blog lately, but today's post features a bunch of great ideas for using Chip 'N Stick shapes.  Here's my contribution:

My daughter and I collaborated on the card for her friend Angela's fourteenth birthday.  It went over well, I'm told.  Sweet.


  1. i am so, sooooooooooo happy that you are a GG now. it's about time!! and i adore your first LO.

    and i'm completely adoring pebbels lately, too

  2. Your writing is so entertaining : ) You made a fabulous debut with your garden girl gallery. I love that page! And the card. I really do!

  3. Love the layout! Beuatiful card! Those watermelon stars are so cool!
    Lovin some Pebbles lately too!

  4. I adore that layout, especially your button and twine line.

  5. Such fun and fantastic photos and an awesome page! Huge congrats on being a Garden Girl!

  6. I'm so happy for you! Your work is amazing! I am definitely a fan! Congrats!!

  7. Jill that layout is exactly why you were chosen as a GG, you have such amazing talent!!

  8. I love this layout! It's so happy and fun and perfect for the photos from the fair. Well done, girl!
    Love the card, too, and thanks for the tip about cutting watermelon shapes :)

  9. congratulations on being a garden girl! love your layout-- I think pebbles has had more cute stuff out since AC bought them out. :) I'd love to meet IRL one day :)