Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Confess

I've been perusing a lot of blogs and galleries and have been noticing how many talented scrappers there are out there who make the process of creating layouts and using products imaginatively look so easy.  How do they do it?  This has made me wonder if people ever look at my layouts and think something similar.  If so, I need to confess -- I definitely have some scrappy "brick walls" that are tough for me to break through when I face a layout.  


I struggle with large shapes on layouts. I am large-circle challenged.  I've worked with them before but I just don't "feel" the large circle.    

I can't do clean and simple any more.  My desk is proof enough of this.  I must have layers.  I must have accents.  I must have details.  I have such appreciation for those who can show restraint and pull off clean and simple so elegantly; in comparison to these sages, I am a scrappy hedonist.  

I freeze when faced with a plaid pattern.  I love plaid, but I have trouble making it work on a layout, likely because I love to cut everything into smaller bits and pieces, and plaid is a take-me-as-I-am kind of pattern.  I also have trouble making it work on shirts in my wardrobe.  What looks like a cute boyfriend's shirt on one woman makes me look like the boyfriend.  The lumberjack boyfriend.   

I've decided that the metal prongs on brads have outlived their usefulness to me.  I've taken to prying them off of the base of brads and just gluing the base directly to the layout.  Just give me faux brads, por favor.  Plus, I've noticed that the realization that I have to hammer a hole into my layout in order to place a brad corresponds with the simultaneous realization that the entire neighborhood, but for me, is sleeping.  

I love clouds, but I have trouble placing them on layouts.  They always feel awkward on my pages.  I need cloud placement lessons.

I have no idea what to do with ric-rac or pom-poms.  I want to love them, but they make it so hard.  

I neglect my chipboard stash.  One might think, judging by my collection of it, that I am hoarding chipboard and that I own stock in Maya Road.  In truth, I just neglect it.  I don't really think about adding it to my layouts while I'm creating them, and thus, it just sits there, unopened, unloved.  Chip-bored. 

How about you?  Anything to confess?  

I must also confess:  I can't believe it's CHA week!  I so wish I could be a part of the paper-loving frenzy this year.   I'll be there in spirit, though.  I'll have a few items in the October Afternoon booth.  I've been working with the new Farmhouse line, which is one of my all-time favorite lines (and not just OA lines) ever.  It's really just perfect.   I wish I could share more details, but trust me, when you see this line in person, you will know what I mean.  

It kind of makes me feel bad for Boarding Pass, which was my favorite OA line until Farmhouse unseated it.  I've still got MUCH love for it, though.  Isn't it awesome? 

It's a terrific travel line.  I love that the colors work with practically any photo (such as the photo of my daughter cringing at the thought of SPAM-flavored macadamia nuts).  

Thank you, OA, for never forgetting to put Hawaii on the map. 
I am going to be needing at least 50 more of these frames.  


If you're going to CHA, consider me jealous.  

If you're not, then come be jealous with me over at the Two Peas in a Bucket CHA online social.   Hope to see you there! 


  1. I confess, I look at YOUR layouts and think "How does she do it?!" I always LOVE your work!
    I also confess to neglecting rub-ons, chipboard bits, and stamps. I don't use a fraction of my stash!

  2. Ha ha, I do the same thing with brads. I get out my button shank snips and cut the backs off.

  3. Such a fun and colorful page! Love all the bits and pieces!

  4. i want you to know that i scraplift your pages--inspiration for me

  5. I have to admit, I'm one of those people who just wonder at your pages! For me, I need white space on my pages. That's my hang-up.If I don't have any, I feel claustrophobic.

  6. I too, confess to looking at YOUR layouts and asking myself- how does she do it??? My confession is that I rarely use anything from my studio calico kits and I'm very close to discontinuing my subscription because of it...which I'm very sad about. Just doesn't make sense any more when I don't have time to work with them. :(

  7. You are so funny - chip-bored. I am large circle challenged too, except for one time I think I pulled off an excellent two pager with circles - but no one else seemed to think so - ha! I love your pages - I love seeing someone who enjoys details so much. Do you punch a hole for a brad? I just poke a hole with a paper piercer and then push the brad on through. I'm not a clouds person either. Great post, love reading your thoughts, and your page rocks! oh yeah, I am sooooo excited to see farmhouse.

  8. I confess that I sell my chipboard at the LSS garage sale because I just can't use it. I also confess that I fold back the brad prongs and use a glue dot! I am more of a clean and simple scrapper, so I visit blogs like yours to admire layouts that appear to have no beginning or end. Meaning I wouldn't know where to start! Great post. TFS!

  9. I love your layout. These papers and sitckers are so fun! I especially love how you layered the stickers over the photos and that map background cool!

  10. Your layouts are so cool!! I love the colors and embellishments!! Great Happy Pictures!! And is very hard for me to do clean and simple too!! I don't love plaid, for me to like it, it has to be a special plaid.
    TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  11. My confession? I look at YOUR layouts and wonder "How does she do it?" I dream of doing layered and graphic layouts. So much so, that I quit using my Studio Calico Kits...I was paralyzed. Then realized I just had to be my kind of more simple layouts, and get 'er done...tell my story. i still oogle over your layouts and other bloggers, and inspiration creeps into my layouts.
    Thanks, jill, for regular layouts and inspiration!

  12. You are the second person I've heard say that about brads recently. Manufacturers, take note: everyone is removing the prongs from brads these days! :)

  13. love your layout, and thanks for the enabling!

  14. Great post! I love your layouts and I also think "How does she do it?"
    I can relate to your list :)

  15. So i think i am totally in the same situation when it comes to all of these, except the simple style, cause that IS my scrappy style! No matter how hard i try i can not layer or add lots of product! Which probably explains why i have SO MUCH stash! Also, i am still a fan of brads, i use a paper piercer which is much simpler & quicker then punching an entire hole.

    LOVE the layout, such fun colours & like the way you worked all the cameras in there!

  16. I am in TOTAL agreement on the faux brads. I always cut the ends off my brads, and then there are metal pieces flying around the room--sigh.