Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Fly Like Paper

A few weeks ago, I saw this stamp
and realized that it was time.

It was time to learn how to fold a paper airplane.

That's right -- I had no idea how to fold a paper plane.  Somehow I had gone through elementary school without learning this important life skill.  Somehow I had managed to compete in paper-plane throwing contests in science class without the teacher realizing that if you ask a ten-year-old boy to fold your plane for you, you don't need to ask him twice.  Somehow I had even earned a Master's degree in English, the most paper-heavy subject of them all, without learning that it is not just words, but a few simple folds, that can set a piece of paper free.   

When I saw that cute Penny Black stamp, I knew I had to create a paper plane to complement it on a layout for the Two Peas in a Bucket Garden.  And so I did, with some help from YouTube and a how-to video clearly aimed at the age four-to-six demographic.  I only had to watch it three times before it clicked. 

The result?  
I added a twine "jet stream", taking my cue from the image on the stamp (and amplifying the cuteness factor).  I flipped the plane upside down so that it would be easier to adhere and less likely to be crushed when added to an album.  

I know I'm not alone in my jubilation at finally learning how to fold a plane.  The moment I learned, I shared it with the world (in a Facebook status update, that is) and received a fair amount of "likes" from the plane-folding community:

Poor Jen.  I once knew that pain.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe paper planes have a future as a scrappy trend.  I've been noticing some paper plane images on Pinterest lately that are being repinned quite often, and within two days of creating this layout, before I had even shared it with anyone, I noticed that Lexi Bridges added some really cute planes to her layout in a paper plane tutorial on the October Afternoon blog.  It's crazy that we did this totally independently of each other, which makes me think that the time for paper planes has come.   Can you imagine a line full of cute paper plane accents?  I would so love that.  I think AC had a paper a few years ago that incorporated a paper plane design, but I haven't seen much else by way of aerodynamic cuteness out there in scrappyland.  It's time.

I'm just saying, if I can learn to fold a paper plane, then anything is possible.


  1. oh dear.... I feel your shame! Lucky for me I did manage to pick up a few paper-airplane-folding tricks in my time. It came in handy when I did this layout back in October last year. Paper airplanes........ wait for it.... in miniature! :-)
    You can see it here if you like:
    Meanwhile, that is one cute stamp. And I truly love what you've done with this layout. Stunning as always :-)

  2. Oh wow! You don;t know how much you rock my world with your pages. I am a humongous fan of yours.
    I am one of those that still cannot fold a paper plane, but I am off to goggle land to end my ignorance.
    Thank you for sharing this perfect page :-)