Friday, August 5, 2011

A Good Run

I've said my goodbyes to summer...
(More details here).

and for the past two weeks, I've been gearing up for the new school year, attending classes and meetings, planning lessons, writing syllabi, reading book after book, and compiling materials. Most of all, I've been wondering about my students and praying that I will do right by them.  

Among the recurring themes that have emerged during our faculty and staff back-to-school meetings was the importance of building relationships  My back-to-school goal is to foster more meaningful relationships with others, and to really try my best to know my students and to see them for who they really are.  

One of the worst (and probably one of the best, in retrospect) comments I've ever received from a student in an evaluation was "talk to us, not at us."  Ouch.  Had I become the very teacher that I was trying to avoid becoming?  It was a wake-up call, however, to the fact that I may not have been reaching some students because I was not reaching out to students enough.  Being naturally shy -- and living in my own head too often -- it has been a lifelong challenge for me to overcome my introverted tendencies.  I have come far, but I know that I still have important work to do.  Hopefully, this school year I will make even more progress. 


  1. I wish you find the way top reach to your student. I am a teacher too and I know how difficult it is to relate to students on an individual basis and not as a group. I looooooooove this layout!! so great all this writing and stamping. you are amazing, be sure of that!
    sophie from France

  2. Wishing you all the best as you gear up to going back to school.
    And I just adore this layout, love all the typography and journaling. Love it so much I pinned it!!

  3. Great sb page, all over the page fun. Good luck with your students, at least you know what you need to improve. So many teachers just won't even 'see' it. Are you a high school English teacher? Just a guess. I teach emotionally impaired high school students. Love it!

  4. Love this page so much, both in design and sentiment. And you have one of the toughest jobs on the planet in my opinion - just the way you speak of it tells me you are awesome.

  5. what a great way to summarize the summer in one lo, love it and all the stamping is fantastic! I am returning to teaching after four years off ...yikes!

  6. Connecting with students is so important. I realized after my first year of teaching that I was playing the part of a teacher. I was that perfect person up front. My own shyness kept me from being true to myself. So the next year I made a change. I became... myself. It was okay to be silly and have everyone laugh. Believe it or not it was okay to even be grumpy at times. As a result, my test scores increased. It's amazing what children will do when they see you as a human being instead of a robot. I think that is what I was that first year, a robot.

    As for being shy, that hasn't changed. I am still shy everywhere except my classroom. In the outside world I worry about what people think. That fear no longer exists in the classroom. I figured out that kids will tell you exactly what they think. :)