Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Lately, I've been...

...reading and discussing The Scarlet Letter with my juniors, and Fahrenheit 451 with my seniors.  This week we're shifting to The Great Gatsby (juniors) and Pride and Prejudice (seniors).  I am ALL for spending my days with Gatsby and Darcy.

...making cards using the new Little Flyers stickers and Sidewalks line from October Afternoon.

...longing for a new camera.  Any ideas for a decent replacement for a Canon Digital Rebel XTi (and ideally in a similar price range)?

...oohing and aahing over the September JBS kits.

I just received mine, so I wasn't able to contribute to tonight's gallery reveal, but I will be gleefully churning out some projects to share at the mid-month gallery reveal on the 10th.   I am beside myself, looking through the gallery at times; I am so honored to be on a team with such talented and insanely creative people.  It's amazing to see what happens when we all look at the same product and interpret its possibilities in various ways.   (ETA: The gallery was having some technical difficulties, so check out this post for now for some glimpses of what the team has done.)

...participating in Design School at Two Peas in a Bucket.   Each week features lessons and layouts relating to two principles of design.  As I worked on the layout below, I focused on what is easily my favorite principle: repetition.
More details about how I applied this principle may be found here. 
I also have another layout featured on Two Peas.  This one is a back-to-school layout about my favorite freshman.  I so love back-to-school supplies -- even the scrapbooking kind! 
Isn't she cute with her Converse?  Classic.  
You can find out more details about the layout here. 

...waiting ever so patiently for the new seasons of Psych, Modern Family, and Gossip Girl to begin.  In the meantime, I'm liking the current seasons of True Blood and Flipping Out.   I had almost given up on True Blood after the last few seasons, and the first episode of this season had me thinking it really was time to call it quits, but then, miraculously, the show drew me in again.  It must be the extra helping of Eric this season.   The more, the better.  

...listening to Mark Ronson.  My daughter discovered him recently and shared the love.  

...indoctrinating my daughter.  In return for her enlightening me as to the funky wonder that is Mark Ronson, I'm doing some sharing of my own.  Over the next few weeks she'll continue her education in John Hughes 101.  We just watched Sixteen Candles the other day.  Today on the radio the DJ made a reference to Long Duck Dong and she totally got it.  She laughed, then gasped, her eyes widening, and she looked at me, and we both knew in that moment that she had become far more awesome than she had been prior to watching the film.  Next on the list?  The Breakfast Club. 

...looking forward to the three-day weekend.  An extra hour or two of sleep each night would be wonderful.  Why did I ever fight sleep as a kid?  I'm far, far wiser now. 


  1. Oh, my... Always tons of inspiration on your blog. Your LOs are perfection. So much detail. Swoon!

  2. Beautiful projects all around! I'm especially loving the creative stitching, and I also love your use of the Little Flyers. And it sounds like you're reading some awesome books with your students, too!