Sunday, August 14, 2011

She Lives!

After a week of being AWOL from the blog, I'm finally posting.  Sorry about that.  Where have I been, you may ask?

I survived the first week of school!   I've been in teacher mode all week. Getting back into the groove and ensuring a smooth transition requires that I spend my days fully focused and my evenings overplanning (or, in other words, in a constant state of panic).  Thus, the lack of blog love this week.

I love my students.  They're so bright and eager.  Let's hope it lasts!

My feet, on the other hand, aren't feeling very loved.  I tried to break in a new pair of shoes on Thursday.  Heels, in fact.  They were SO comfortable and way too cute in the shoe store, but five minutes into my school day, I knew that I had made a terrible mistake.  Never again.  Ugly teacher shoes it is.  Cute is a luxury.   Heels are for Carrie Bradshaw, not Ms. Sprott.

Anyway, the weekend is here, and I made some time for a little cut-and-paste in my life, and boy, did I need it.  I'll have two pages to share soon!

In the meantime, I'm happy to share this mini-album, which I created using the Jenni Bowlin August project kit and some August kit odds and ends.  It's the perfect size to house one of my favorite prayers, the Prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  I'll keep the album  in my desk at school, so that I can turn to it when I need to center myself or refresh my perspective.

I actually discovered this prayer written in a student's book at the end of last year.  As a graduating senior, she had donated her books so that other students might be able to use them, and when I went through the books, I noticed that she had written something in the inside cover of one of them.  It was this prayer, and it just overwhelmed me to know that these words had touched her heart as they had touched mine.  She kept the prayer near to her by writing it in one of her books, so I will keep the prayer near to me as well.

I can't believe this weekend is almost over!  I'll try not to be a stranger this week!

P.S. "The Words to Say It," my class at over at Miss Art's, is now open!


  1. This is a lovely little book! Thank you for sharing it...

  2. This is so beautiful! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope you have a great year with your new class!

  3. lol, i feel you on the shoe thing. i try to break my "could maybe be comfy enough for work but maybe not" shoes in on my days off so that i can (hopefully) wear them to work one day. lol. right now i'm trying to break in shoes to wear on vacation, though :)

  4. Cool book! And I love the story behind how you first encountered this prayer.