Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back to School with OA

I have always been something of a school supply aficionado.   The school supply aisle is one of the most colorful and welcoming aisles in any store, and just standing there gives me all sorts of ideas.  When it comes time to start school again each year, I look forward to our trek to Office Max, and throughout the year, when I run out of ink in a pen as I'm correcting papers, I feel a little flutter of glee, because I know that it won't be long before I get to splurge on supplies once again.  

Well, it was back-to-school time on the October Afternoon blog this week, so you KNOW how excited that made me!  Here's my contribution: 
I spray-painted clothespins and adhered papers from the Sidewalks and Schoolhouse lines to them.  I'll use them to help me organize the ever-present paper stacks that I transport to and from school with me.
Who knew that I could get my school supply fix without having to leave home?


  1. LOve those!!! I also feel the same about office supplies. I'm sure as a teacher you actually need them more than I do (my company has gone paperless). I was super psyched to buy them for my daughter started Kindergarten though! hehehe

  2. Awesome! Love them, I've added magnets to the back of mine. Thanks for an inspiring idea, now I'll be painting and adding dp too.

  3. I love these and you are so smart to make them. so cute to give a teacher or to use in a home :)

  4. These are so cute! I'd like to make some for the kids' teachers - thanks for the idea! I have to smile thinking about you smiling at your desk planning a trip to Office Max!