Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning As I Go

I have this idea to videotape the project-making process -- kind of a time-lapse thing -- just so that I can better understand that mysterious methodology that takes us from nothing to something, from something to something more, and from something more to something wonderful.

It would be different from what you see in online tutorials and classes.  Those kinds of videos require foresight and careful planning.  What I'm longing for is "raw" footage.  The only agenda would be "do your thing."  It would be a simple undertaking, involving a camera focused on a desktop, recording over 30 or 60 or 120 minutes or whatever it takes for a project to materialize.  The final cut would feature a sped-up version of this process -- a pair of hands, a page coming together, a creative mind at work.  Maybe a cool soundtrack, too. :)

I've been turning the idea around in my head for a bit.  Maybe one day I'll actually try it.

I kind of wish I had flipped on the camera when I started these October Afternoon projects:

I put together this layout for the OA CHA booth, using the new Farmhouse collection (which, by the way,  you have a chance to win on the OA blog if you post a comment there before September 26).

Had the camera been rolling as I created this layout, it would have captured my hands cutting and tearing piece after piece of these gorgeous patterned papers, inking them and splattering mist on them, and moving them around this way and that in an attempt to create this collage background.  That would be pretty entertaining to watch in fast-forward, now that I think of it -- a flurry of paper and color.

Looking at the layout now, I can see the design logic -- the attempt to create visual triangles, and to achieve a sense of balance by following the tried-and-true "what you do to one side, do to the other" rule.
As beautiful as the papers and accents are, however, the heart of this page is its journaling.  Most of the other page elements relate to it in some way.  

This week's October Afternoon blog also features a Tuesday Tutorial post by yours truly.  I tried something new and I think it actually worked!  It's a pocket-page mini-album.

I just started folding paper and trimming it, and before I knew it, I had put together page after page and had this mini-album to show for it.  You can find the full tutorial here.

I'm not alone in embracing the idea of life-long scrapping/life-long learning.  Today, the September issue of the JBS Mercantile Gazette was released, and it is full of evidence that we on the design team are learning as we go, in a good way.  It's fascinating to me to read about others' processes and sources of inspiration.

Now, if I could just find a way to capture that process on camera...hmm....


  1. absolute perfection...what can i say?
    i love the idea of the camera rolling must do it:)

  2. I would absolutely LOVE to see your work in progress. By whatever method! But a video in time-lapse sounds perfect. What an insight that would provide to us Jill-fans who want every little hint and tip as to how you create!

  3. I've thought about how cool that would be too although I don't even want to begin to think how to set it all up. But I would love to see you do it! You should - that would be so fun! I love these projects - I really really do, I'm not just saying that. They're remarkable!

  4. OMG, I so get where you are coming from.
    The idea of making the video seems really simple, until YOU are the one doing it.
    I create as I go-as the ideas come to me.
    And as they change-on a dime!
    I would LOVE to see them from you Jill-your art is amazing!

  5. oops, not used to's Keisha aka-klctoo!!

  6. love these projects as usual. I'm hoarding those JBS pearl flowers too. I have one tiny pack yet and I can't let go yet!
    I'm sure the video would be great, go for it!