Monday, September 12, 2011

Turning a Page

Looking at this month's JBS gallery has got me thinking not just about what we as scrapbookers bring to the page, but also about what the page brings to us. 

Over the years, I have read and reread blog posts in which some of my favorite scrapbookers have said farewell to the craft in favor of other endeavors.  I have read more than enough of those message board posts in which people question whether they should just sell all of their supplies and walk away from the hobby.  Though each person who says goodbye to scrapbooking has a reason for doing so, I will confess that each time I read one of these farewell addresses, a part of me is forced to consider the question of whether all scrapbookers will fall out of love with the hobby eventually.  Is it inevitable?

And then...
I turn another page in the album,
and sit down to create the next page

and the next
and the next, and...
if you love scrapbooking as much as I do,
you know what follows.
You keep coming back,
you keep turning those pages,
because there is still so much left to say.
I don't know how people say goodbye to this, because I can't.

I am so not out of love with scrapbooking,
with "putting my world in perspective on paper."

Maybe it isn't for everyone, though.  Of course, I say that, but it is difficult to fathom, I admit, because I still experience such a rush when I immerse myself in the process of creating a page or project. Maybe the people who say goodbye to scrapbooking have found or are searching for other interests that give them that feeling.  Here's hoping that those who have said goodbye are lucky enough to say hello to something that moves them and thrills them.  The passion is the point, in whatever form it takes.  It is definitely worth seeking, because when it is found, there is nothing quite like it.


  1. Oh, how I love this page! That poem you wrote is incredible! It makes me think of all the poems I would write in high school about my best friends and our dates to the dances, etc. I wonder if they still exist somewhere in my garage or my parents'. LOVE that you captured this long ago memory on a scrapbook page!

  2. This layout is truly amazing. Everything is total perfection...the sewing, the journaling, the layering...totally priceless!

  3. Love your page Jill! You have really inspired me to get out some older photos and scrap them. I usually shy away because they aren't the 'perfect' photo :)

  4. so true just thank you for this post it's comforting

  5. I think what you wrote is absolutely correct. I too wonder why people just walk away from this hobby. And perhaps part of it is that we can sometimes get lost in this 'industry' of scrapbooking rather than focusing on why we scrapbook in the first place. Sometimes I think we start to place too much pressure on ourselves to win challenges, be published, get on design teams and generally 'be noticed', whereas I know that my main focus remains on documeting my family memories. My primary goal is to capture those moments that might otherwise be forgotten, and my secondary goal is to express myself creatively and have fun. Only after that comes the occasional thrill of achieving one of those things. I think we just have to get back to our roots from time to time and remember why we do this.

  6. So well said, Jill. We must stay true to what our heart loves. Thanks for sharing.