Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October, Page by Page

Not long ago I mentioned that there was some buzz on the JBS Mercantile Forum regarding October daily mini-albums, and since then, the project has officially commenced.  Fellow JBS design team members Betsy, Waleska, and Briana have been sharing their mini-album ideas on their blogs (and I know that Doris has something in the works, too), and both the JBS gallery and the message board are full of great ideas and inspiration, too.  I love the cover on this album from Alexa Gill , as well as Julie's album pages (and that lovely bow on the cover).   If you've been working on an album, I'd love to see it!  Link me up!

As for me? Page by page, day by day, my album is coming together.  I even shared a few peeks at my pages and process in the JBS mid-month gallery and the October issue of the JBS Mercantile Gazette.

Fully aware of my procrastinating tendencies, I designed the album so that it would be low-maintenance: one photo a day, a minimum of one journaling blurb (written as a list of memory fragments), and the addition of one or two accents per page.  So far, so good!   At the end of the month I will assemble everything.

The mid-month gallery also features an additional layout I did with the antiquarian kit.  This one is...heavy.

This layout just might be the answer to a question that I was asked a few weeks back: "Do you ever create negative layouts?"

Certainly there is truth in fiction and vice-versa, but I don't want to "spin" a memory as positive if it isn't positive.  I want to put myself out there on the page, honestly, and if it comes across as negative, then it is what it is.   If I don't tell my stories the way that I remember them, then who else will tell them, and how will they tell them?  I say, life is messy; document the messy, too.

I want this layout to say, no, it is not okay that this happened to my family.  It is not okay that there was so much pretending and so much pain.  It is not okay that everyone in our family (with the exception, perhaps, of one) emerged from this time disillusioned, lacking in trust and feeling cheated.  It is not okay to dismiss this part of our lives with a flippant "it happens, marriages end, people get divorced, live with it" because the story is about the "living with it," and the story is about the learning from it, too.  So maybe it is negative,  or maybe it is honest, or maybe it is a positive thing that I finally said what I needed to say.


  1. I love your daily album, it is coming along great. I also give you great credit for recording the truth whether it is negative or positive. I am not at a stage where I can do that - I like to pretend the bad never happend - so I think it takes great strength to do that.

  2. the album is gorgeous! and that page is wonderful!

  3. love all these projects! I've been wondering about that SC mini book and now, I think I'll definitely need it. thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I'm so behind in my blogging (as you can see), but just wanted to say how much I adore that layout. It's so meaningful and adds so much depth to your scrapbooking. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I absolutely love your layering and your mini album is so great. Love visiting this blog, beautiful work :)