Monday, October 3, 2011

Where There Is Rain...

Today it started raining, and it continued raining all afternoon.
It's still drizzling now.

Can I just say how happy this makes me?
It has to be a sign of fall, for sure.
Where I live, fall = rain.
Well, winter = rain and spring = rain, too,
but this is different.
This is autumn rain. I just know it.
It makes the air feel crisp and clean.
It makes me want to crawl into bed at eight in the evening
and stay in bed until ten in the morning.

Granted, where there is rain,
there is also
wet dog.

Even so, I'm all about fall right now.
(Layout details may be found at Two Peas in a Bucket.) 
You can find more fall project inspiration right here as well.  

I'm off to embrace another aspect of fall that I love: fall TV!  
Gossip Girl, here I come...


  1. so funny! i love the dog feet photo!

  2. LOVE this page, Jill! Just gorgeous!

  3. Amei seu blog.Páginas lindas!!!