Sunday, November 20, 2011


I thought that my week had been busy, but this weekend I have been going nonstop.  I spent almost nine hours yesterday at a speech meet, and immediately afterward, I took Z and her pal to an early evening showing of Breaking Dawn.

If you've followed my blog through the years, you know that I am definitely a Twilight fan.  I'm not one to shriek uncontrollably at Jacob un-shirting, mind you, but I do so love the story.  When the first movie came out, I saw it four times, in all of its campy, romantic, blue-and-purple glory.  I truly loved New Moon, and though I balked at Bella's awful wig and eyebrows and fumed over Victoria's replacement in Eclipse, I enjoyed that movie, too.   As a die-hard fan of the books, I knew that the movies could never really measure up, but I appreciated that the filmmakers always seemed to respect the books enough to never really take the plots in another direction (unlike the fiends who defaced Percy Jackson).

Breaking Dawn, for me, marks a shift in the whole series.  The book was different from the others.  It was kind of nutty at times, actually, and it seemed hurried to me -- too much, too soon, and too much happening in a single book all at once.  Edward sort of receded for much of the story, and I felt disconnected from Bella for much of it.  As far as the whole Renesmee thing, that was just awkwardly handled.  Overall, while I was still happy to be reading the book, spending time with these much-loved characters, and watching their story play out, I did wonder why Stephenie Meyer decided to end the series as she did.  How could the person who wrote a book-length exposition for the series bring it all to a climax and see it through to its resolution so quickly?

So when the movie came out, I thought, well, my expectations are already low, so at least I won't be disappointed.  And I wasn't!  Actually, I was rather impressed with how much the crazy was tempered in this film, and how much what once seemed too far-fetched and rushed seemed almost plausible and thoughtfully handled.  It's the same story, yet it is presented differently, somehow.  I think the visual interpretation of the story really makes a world of difference.  Now I'm thinking that maybe I'll need to see it again. ;)  I'm so predictable.

This week I also have two challenges up at Two Peas in a Bucket.  The first is a journaling challenge that focuses on gratitude.  'Tis the season, after all, to count your blessings!
I worked in a few photos taken on 11/11/11 at 11:11 a.m. here.
It's funny that I used only the tiniest pieces of patterned paper here.  Usually I am kind of a paper junkie. I focused on enhancing the journaling through accents instead.
This challenge runs through November 24, and one lucky winner will receive a gift certificate to Two Peas.  Niiiice.

The second challenge is part of the Two Peas Garden Girl online crop that has been going on this weekend.  The challenges will remain open all this week, however, so there is still time to get in on the fun!  My challenge is to create a holiday-themed card for any November or December holiday.
I had so much fun making this card.  I splattered October Afternoon Sprinklers on the background (a piece of ledger paper from the OA Holiday Style line), stitched around the paper, and then placed some of the new Crate Paper chipboard pieces over it.

This challenge runs until midnight CST on Sunday, November 27. On Monday, a winner will be announced on the Garden Girl message board.  I'm told that there will be a fabulous prize involved.

Hopefully you will be able to play along with one or both of the challenges!  There are also a few more to check out on Two Peas.  I love challenges.  They're so great for jump-starting that mojo, especially at a time of year when life gets pretty hectic.

I hope you had a happy Sunday!  Have a great week.


  1. nice! I like your idea of the 11/11/11 lay out. who knows when the next one will roll around.

  2. I couldn't get over the name Reneesme for much of the book. It was so....ridiculous! But I do love the books as well. #2 was my least favorite. And I'm definitely NOT one to drool over Edward OR Jacob. lol I'm not even really a Bella fan. She seems so bleh to me. But I do love a good story.

    Have you read The Host? It was surprisingly good! I wasn't sure if I would like it because I was done with Meyer's "voice". It was different enough from Twilight that I could enjoy it as a completely separate story.

    Yay for books! :)

  3. jill, your 11-11-11 page is incredible . i love all of the bits and peices. i mean i really love this page!!!

  4. I loved reading the twilight series books, but thus far have been disappointed in the movies. Going to see Breaking Dawn probably next to wait so less likely having screaming girls in LOVE your 11.11.11 layout!!!

  5. Jill, you're probably wondering at a person who would leave a comment three years after the fact, but I am happy to finally find someone that agrees with me that the ending of the Twilight series was less than expected. Actually, in my opinion, it was downright dissappointing. I remember ranting and raving around the house for a full week at the plot copout. Look it still has me upset. haha. I would have loved to see the movies, I just couldn't get past the incredibly bad acting by Kristen whats-it who played Bella. Rambling, signing off now.