Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Daily-ish: The Blog Version

Given that I am far too busy, much too disorganized, way too inconsistent, and let's face it -- just plain unmotivated right now, I am declaring myself a conscientious objector as far as the whole December Daily mini-album hullabaloo is concerned.  I will, however, concede to a blog version:

Thursday, December 1, or "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas":  Welcome, December!  Well, sort of.  As I change the calendar in my class, I realize that the end of the semester is coming sooner than I think.  Welcome, panic attack!

Friday, December 2, or "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear":  It's tree-trimming night!  Z and I head into Pearl City on the way home from school to pick up dinner, to save us time.  Ha.  I have forgotten that Pearl City is home to Pearlridge Shopping Center, and that everyone and his mother and even his mother's Secret Santa from work is heading that way as well, since there are only so many shopping weekends left before Christmas.  You would think that with everyone having decided to head in the same direction -- that is, toward making a merrier Christmas, credit cards in hand -- that there would be more goodwill toward men on the roads and less of the blatant $%!#wad-i-ness that we actually experience.   There is a lot of hating out there, let me tell you.  Jesus is not taking many wheels in Pearl City 'round rush hour.

Finally, we get home to trim the tree, and after poor Rob has lugged out all of the boxes of Christmas ornaments and made TWO trips back down to the store to get lights that actually work (the first time he got too few), we plug in the lights.  AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah....  In a perfect Griswold moment, almost immediately we realize that we are going to have to take it all back down because we are planning to get our house fumigated before Christmas.  Ah, epiphany. You came too soon.

Saturday, December 3, or "Children Go Where I Send Thee":  It appears that the time for Christmas shopping has arrived.  Either we have raised a child who has no financial sense or we have raised a child with a big heart.  She shares her Christmas list with us -- which consists not of gifts that she wants, but of gifts that she wants to get her friends.  She is clearly not a heartless child, but she is most definitely a jobless one.  Time to revise that list, methinks.  Hugs for all this year!

Since Z has been invited to spend the night at her grandma's, Rob and I decide -- no, wait, let me make this clear: Rob decides and I stare at my wedding ring, repeating "for better or for worse" -- to brave the crowds at the mall.  He asks if I want to go to Barnes and Noble to wait while he does the shopping, and while that is tempting (and quite sweet), I explain that Barnes and Noble feels like a stepfather to me.  After Borders left, B&N has tried to take its place, but my abandonment issues run too deep.  I just can't, B&N.  It's too soon.  However, after Rob and I hit three stores, I practically fling myself through the doors at Barnes and Noble.  Sanctuary!

Sunday, December 4, or "Pretty Paper":  Finally, a day at home.  I sleep in, wake up for an ice cream breakfast, and end up back in bed, new book in hand (The Family Fang), next to hubby, who is reading his Nook.  The dog jumps up to snuggle, and the cat soon follows.  Ah, bliss.  Eventually, I get around to playing with some OA Holiday Style goodies.  And right now?  The bags of presents are in hiding.  The tree is half-decorated.  A layout is done.  Now this is how I celebrate the season best.