Monday, December 5, 2011

This One's for the Dogs

December Daily-ish continues...

Monday, December 5, or "Jingle Bells" (The Barking Dog Version):  I wake in the wee chilly hours of the morning to a dog curled up so closely next to me that our teeth are nearly interlocked and I am bound to have not just morning breath, but doggy breath, too.  It's that time of year -- winter in Hawaii, the coldest time of year here, a thought which makes mainlanders snicker, I'm sure.  Winter.  Hawaii.  Hilarious.  I'm roughing it, though --  I have no A/C or heat, mind you, so whatever the temperature is outside, it's the same inside.  I love December, though.  I would much rather brave the cold snuggled up under a blanket (or my dog) than deal with the sweltering summer sun.   I do not, however, like getting up at "o' dark-thirty", so I am anxiously awaiting Christmas break, when I can stay in bed until the sun comes up...and maybe even a little while after that.  I'm sure that my dog-woman Mazie is looking forward to it, too.  She is all about letting sleeping dogs lie.
Here she is in a layout from this week's Garden at Two Peas in a Bucket, sporting a pair of reindeer ears that we thought she would hate but ended up loving.  She trotted around the house, all "Rudolph who?"
This layout was so much fun to create.  The dog and I worked for weeks on her handwriting so that she could compose her own letter to Santa this year.  Or maybe I just wrote with my left hand, imagining what the dog would say if she could pen a letter to Santa.

Here's hoping you had a happy Monday!


  1. hilarious!!! love it.... awesome layout and love Mazie with the antlers :):)

  2. So much cuteness on this page! Love it.

  3. Haha, love the pictures of your dog! Have to try this myself with our litlle dachshund (already laughing, just by the thougt of it...). And love the idea of a note from your dog to Santa!