Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now and Later.

The JBS Mercantile design team gallery is updated on the last day of each month and then again on the 10th, so that means that as of today, you can find a bunch of new layouts in the January gallery.  A few of us stretched our kits and had a little go at a challenge, mixing office supplies that we had on hand with the main kit.   Here's my take:
That's the thing about being a teacher: office supplies abound! I incorporated index cards, paper clips, calendar and planner pages, a sheet of ledger paper, packaging twine, pencils, a date stamp, tags, a manila folder, and a repurposed envelope.
As for the journaling, it's all part of the blog now, journal later philosophy.  I went back to a post that I had written over the summer when I first took this photo of my husband monkeying around with my daughter's sunglasses, and I added most of that post to this page, with a few changes here and there.

Even though my handwriting is kind of all over the place, I think it works here.  It's a silly, playful kind of page, one that allows for a free-flowing hand.  I actually need to use my handwriting more often.  It feels a lot less clean, but a lot more genuine.  Handwriting really personalizes a page.  I think I've become a little too dependent on my favorite journaling font, Typenoksidi.

I also have been embracing a print now, scrap later philosophy.  I find that if I have photos at the ready, I am more likely to use them, and less likely to spend an excessive amount of time searching for the right photo when I am actually able to scrap.

A few weeks ago, I printed out a large photo, something I rarely do, and set it aside.  I wasn't quite sure how I was going to use it, but I knew that it would find its way onto a page eventually -- and it did!

I created this page for a recent tutorial on the October Afternoon blog, in which I shared my approach to "boosting" an entire layout (in the dimensional sense, that is; it has nothing to do with car theft or other forms of larceny).  The photo found the perfect home on this page, I think, surrounded by embellished circles.

Now I'm off to embrace a work now, play later philosophy -- although play now, work later sounds pretty tempting.


  1. Oh, Jill! These are lovely!! I especially love the big photo! You rocked it!!

  2. I loved both of these. That manilla envelope is genius. I really admire how have so much design as well as journaling on your LO's. Those long journal LOs are always my favorites.
    I used your punched circle LO for inspiration the other day actually, still need to upload it though.

  3. The challenge was fun, wasn't it? Love your LO, but I'm especially smitten with the FLY LO. Fabulous, just fabulous!