Monday, February 6, 2012

Whatever Works

It's a simple philosophy, really: whatever works. 

That is to say, when I get super-charged about an idea and want to make it happen, I tend to want to go all in, right now.  However, the more time I give myself to think about that idea, the more I start to realize that "all in" and "right now" are often not compatible with my real life, real schedule, and real tendency to get overwhelmed when there is too much on my plate.

When I really want to make something happen, it all comes down to whatever works.

Take Project Life, for instance.  I absolutely love the idea of this, and I frequently marvel over all of the layouts I see in the Two Peas gallery, on Pinterest, and on blogs.  As much as I wanted to go all in, right now as January rolled around, after a few days of re-entering the work force following the holiday break, I had to face up to the truth: it was just too big of a project for me.  

Still, I wanted to do something.
So I adapted, by finding something that works for me.

More images and a list of supplies can be found at Two Peas in a Bucket.  
A few years ago, I discovered a challenge thread on Two Peas in a Bucket (which I think was posted by Susan Keuter), inviting anyone interested to participate in a simple challenge: on the twelfth of each month, take twelve photos that capture "a day in the life." Scrap accordingly.  That's it.  Twelve layouts total in the course of a year?  That works for me!

The original design that I used in 2008 was a two-page layout:
I know this is pretty clean and simple, but this time around, I wanted an approach that was even simpler.  Now, I can print all twelve photos on a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" photo paper, and I can arrange the photos quite easily on a grid. Instead of having to print out journaling strips, now I can just handwrite the journaling.  And with all of the washi tape I've been seeing in the CHA peeks, I don't think I'll be running low on that particular product for a good, long time.

This approach allows me to capture the "everyday" (which is what I find most appealing about Project Life) while also being practical, given what my everydays are usually like.

Whatever works, am I right?  


  1. I love your version of PL!

    and hey, thanks for the awesome package of stuff you sent me!

  2. My thought exactly...I do love layered L.O.,but time is a big factor in my busy life...and Project Life looks so cool..but i have so much in my stash,so I thought quick flatish L.O.s are going feature this year and will be the answer for my rapidly growing Grand-Son and my super fast life...although I do so love the fancy stuff!!

  3. I love seeing the evolution of your style! :) Both are fabulous!

  4. Omgosh! I do not a PL person b/c the thought just overwhelms me! LOL I do a year in review album digitally every year, and print two copies. I'm good with that...

    Love the 12 on the 12th idea! Much more doable! Love the layout! :-)

  5. Thank you! I made my Day in the Life layout based on yours, love it!!