Sunday, February 12, 2012


What is the deal with these weekends lately?  The moment they start, I'm going, going, going, and then suddenly it's 10:00 on Sunday night and I'm thinking, well, maybe next weekend I'll relax.  Still, even though it was kind of a breakneck last couple of days, those days were full of memorable events.

My grandmother turned 92, and the family gathered to celebrate.

Isn't she adorable?

I think the highlight of the evening was when my stepfather got up to clear away the dishes and my grandmother started muttering something When my mom asked, "What?", my grandmother repeated herself: "We're supposed to get up before they do."

She started scolding my mom for not having gotten up from the table before her husband did. The fact that he was clearing away plates was shameful.

My mom laughed it off, but a few moments later, she was up and cleaning.

Oh, dear.

As everyone left the table, I moved in closer to my grandmother for a heart-to-heart, and to receive some words of wisdom from the nonagenarian.  I leaned toward her to start up a conversation, but she reminded me that the women should be cleaning.

Is it any wonder why I regard my inclination toward messes as a feminist trait?

The weekend's events continued with the school's annual mother/daughter luncheon.  I knew that Z had been asked to give a speech about mothers and daughters, but she refused to share it with me beforehand.  Now I know why. Here's an excerpt:

Most of the girls my age may fight a lot with their mothers and look at them as if they were aliens, but I see my mother as somewhat close to a peer. Of course she is not a peer, but I feel that I can speak to her as if she were one. My mother has told me on more than one occasion that our relationship is different than that of most other mothers and their teenage daughters, and I believe that this is true. I am grateful that she and I can be open with each other and I think that our openness has helped me to grow and face the challenges that we have today.  With all of that being said, my mother can irritate the life out of me. She gets on my nerves more than most people do and I’m almost sure that the feeling is mutual between us. But, when push comes to shove, we will always have each other’s back. 

The audience especially loved that part about Z's irritating mother. :)

She concluded by saying, "There is nothing that I would do for my mother," and then stopped, realizing what she had said. The audience got a kick out of that.  So Z rephrased:  "I wouldn't do anything for my mother."  Uh oh.  Retry.  "I mean, there is nothing that I would not do for my mother."  Even she was laughing by the end.   All in all, it was a great speech.

I also found a teensy bit of time this weekend to work on a mini-album, which I will share in a few days.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few shares from the Jenni Bowlin mid-month gallery:
It's been a while since I attempted an 8.5" x 11" layout.  I used the JBS February project kit and main kit here.  The journaling block is the flip side of an OA Miscellany card. I sprayed Speckled Egg ink over it, and then lightly rubbed away the excess.  
Ormolu products seem to sell out so quickly, so imagine how giddy I was to see them in this month's kits! 
I finally got around to scrapping these photos from 2009.  The colors never seemed to work with anything, but when I saw the orange, blue, and green in this kit, I knew that the photos could finally find their place on a layout. 
More Speckled Egg lovin' here...
I was also able to use a photo of Rob that I've had for a while: 
Have a wonderful week! 


  1. Lovely story, definitely one to get down on a layout sometime! Love the layouts you've shown too!

  2. did you cry? during/after that speech? heeeeheee... she is precious, that girl. and so lucky to have YOU!! i adore you my friend!

  3. love that story! And, of course I love all those layouts! you are always inspiring!

  4. Your grandmother's right! You shouldn't even eat until the men are done!! lol So cute. My grams was the same way.

    Z is freaking fabulous and I just hope my girls love me as much. When is she going to want to babysit? :)

    P.S. I tagged you in my blog...please see for info. ;)

  5. such a wonderful post jill!
    how awesome was your daughter's speech!!! i would have been bursting with pride, crying and then laughing.
    all three of your LOs are incredible! besides loving the design of all of them, i love the journally on the first one, the photos on the second, and the third LO just cracks me up!