Friday, March 2, 2012

Calvinball and Calvinblog!

Doris has sent out the call on the JBS message board:  it's time to play Calvinball!
"Remember Calvinball, the game Calvin and Hobbes created?  The one that evolved in the middle of the game?  You wanna play?  It's basically a scrappy game where you make as many scrappy projects in a month as you can.  I made it up with my buddies Paula Gilarde and Celeste Smith.  You get points for everything.  And we kinda make up how many points things are worth as we go.  That's the Calvinball part.  Wanna play?  It's fun!  We just cheer each other on and brag and create!!!  Play with me!  I need motivation!  February kicked my butt, so I want to totally take March!  Let's scrap!  Now until 3/31 at midnight!  Go!"
Oh, and there's an incentive for first-time particpants, established last year:  newbies earn a point for their first layout of the month.

Last night Doris had to go and mention on her blog that she'll be attempting to blog more regularly this month, and in that moment, Calvinblog was born!  If you suffer from irregular blogging habits, like SOME people I know (um, me), then this challenge is perfect for you.  You get one point for posting each day, but if a post occurs after one or more skipped days, it only counts for half a point.   Like Calvinball, the rules may change along the way.

So far, my March totals are...

Calvinball = 1 point
Calvinblog = 2 points

Here's hoping I don't let my inner turtle call the shots again this time.  In the course of the 28 days of February last year, I only earned 16.5 points.   My goal is 17 this time around. Ha.  I need some incentive.  Okay: if I break the 16.5 Calvinball point barrier, I will do a giveaway on this blog.  That means you'll all have to root for me (a.k.a. channel the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket) until I get there, no?

Before I leave to get started on my second Calvinball point, I'd love to share a few recent pages (from February, so they only count as precious memories, not as Calvinball points.  Sigh...).

The first layout is from the October Afternoon weekly challenge post, which focuses on stamping with Sprinklers:
It's raining outside as I post this, and I'm imagining hearts falling from the sky.  Aww...
Now I'm imagining hearts all over the road, which is a little graphic.

The second layout is from this week's Garden at Two Peas in a Bucket:
We recently celebrated my grandmother's 92nd birthday.  Isn't she lovely?  

It can be a challenge to find birthday-themed products that aren't too "childish" in their feel, but luckily, some of the new CHA releases were perfect for this page.  I used a bunch of items from the new Dear Lizzy collection (including Polaroid frames from the "Dreamy Days" patterned paper, which I love), along with the new JBS/Fiskars punches (including the "Blue Ribbon" punch, the index tab punch, and the "Grandma's Doily" punch).   You can see the full supply list under the original layout post at Two Peas.  

Hopefully the next layout I share will score me some Calvinball points.  Care to play along?  Drop in on the JBS Message Board Calvinball/Calvinblog thread and let us know you're up for the March madness!  


  1. Just amazing!!!! Jaw-droppingly (is that a word??) gorgeous!!!!

  2. Fabulous layouts! I saw the October afternoon one on the OA blog last week, love it! The stamping on there is total perfection. TFS!

  3. Love the layouts Jill! Glad they don't count towards Calvinball 'cause I'm playing!

  4. With love from Russia!
    It's amazing!
    I love your layouts, Jill!!!