Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calvinball: The Thrilling Conclusion

Okay, maybe that post title is overselling it a bit.

Since today is the last day of March, it is also the last day to earn Calvinball points.   Looking back, I think I've had a good run:

Calvinball points: 28.5
Calvinblog points: 31 (as of this post)
Bonus/handicap points: 14.5

  • 1 for hyping it 
  • 1 for grading student papers 
  • 5 for challenges 
  • 1.5 for cleaning area and posting photos
  • 3 points for scrapping photos within 7 days of taking them
  • 1 point for scrapping on vacation
  • 1 point for the working wounded
  • 1 for procrastination perk 

Grand total: 74 points

Although I would have liked to earn 100 points or more, I am satisfied with my "performance" this Calvinball season.  Last year I only earned 16.5 points total!   Maybe next year I'll hit 100.  The key seems to be mini-albums.  Lots and lots of mini-albums.

Today is also one of my favorite days of the month: JBS kit reveal day!  As midnight CST arrives, the month's kits and the design team gallery are revealed.   I know that I've been gushing about the April kits lately, and now you can see why!
I shared one of my kit layouts in the last post, and here's another, using the main kit:
There's even more ahead, since the mid-month reveal is on April 10.

Thanks for rooting for me this past month as I attempted to achieve Calvinball glory.  :)


  1. great job with the Calvinball!

    love your layout. the fancy frames are perfect for your fur babies. that chevron stamp is wonderful!

  2. What an absolutely FUN layout! :)