Monday, March 5, 2012

Hexagon Love.

Sometimes certain trends appear in the scrapbooking world that make me scratch my head and wonder whether I can make them work for me.  Take the owls that were so popular a few years back.  I never quite warmed up to those, though I did think they were cute. Every time I tried to use one, though, it just didn't make sense to me.

Sometimes, though, there are trends that make me nod YES, and more YES.  The banner trend was (is?) brilliant, and most definitely qualifies as a yes-trend, and now, the next YES thing as far as I am concerned are hexagons.  I love them so.  

I'm also a nut about small patterned bits, so when the opportunity to post a weekly challenge on the October Afternoon blog came along, I decided to merge my love of patterned pieces with my newfound love of hexagons, and here is the result: 
(I can't look at this layout without declaring, "It's LAUNDRY DAY!")

I ran papers from the Cakewalk, 9 to 5, and Thrift Shop lines through my Cameo, and misted Lemon Drop Sprinklers over the negative spaces created by the die-cut machine.  The mix of patterns and Sprinklers and hexagons and layering is just my thing.  
OA DT member Vivian Masket joined me for this week's challenge, and she came up with a great design, so you should definitely check out her take on it, too.  She scrapped her fascination with Mad Men.  Ha! 

Now, on to Calvinball business.  

Since one of the rules is that the the rules can change mid-game, a few changes have been made in recent days.  Luckily, Doris has been keeping track of the craziness, and has consolidated the rules in a post on the JBS Message Board.  

Current totals: 
Calvinball points: 3
Calvinblog points: 5
Bonus points:  3

It's been suggested that as a paper scrapper, I can earn an extra point for cleaning up my mess.  I had a good laugh over that one.  As if. 


  1. Just SUCH an inspiring use of the great hexagon the combo of spray-ink and paper hexagons!

  2. Lovely layout. What did you use for a mask?

  3. this is so beautiful! love your sprayed ink!