Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's mid-March, and thus, the perfect time for an "ing-ing" inventory post, especially as I say farewell to spring break and look ahead to spring itself.  I'm feeling wistful and hopeful at the same time.

Spring break highlights time! I've been:

...reading The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides.  It's been on my want-to-read list for some time.  I was a little apprehensive about it at first, recalling the advice one of my creative writing instructors gave me years ago: although you may want to write about school, and being a student, no one wants to read about it.  Avoid this topic. It's unoriginal.   However, Eugenides clearly did not receive this advice, or if he did, he ignored it, and I'm glad he did.  The first half of this novel is set at Brown University, and one of the main characters is an English major.  The content takes me back to seminar after seminar of Derrida and Barthes and Irigaray and Cixous and Lacan, and while that might be an intellectual rush for me to revisit those days and actually keep up with the conversation, I know that one of the reasons why I am connecting with this book is because I am so very familiar with the experiences within it (so far).  I do wonder whether the book is accessible for all readers, or whether it is too esoteric.  It's full of wonderful surprises, though, with sentences embedded among other sentences that make me smile or, in some cases, laugh outright.  Here's hoping that the rest of the book is as engaging.

...listening to The Strokes, Evan P Donohue, and The Head and the Heart.  The latter was introduced to me via Kara Haupt's blog. She shared this incredible live video, and it stole my heart:

Now I'm definitely a fan., every night!  This has been a change from our usual I-should-cook-but-gosh-it's-so-late-and-we-only-just-got-home routine.  I even had a chance to make my favorite, roast chicken with gravy:
...watching Grey's Anatomy (at last, it returned this week!) and The Walking Dead (crazy finale, hmm?), and re-watching season one of Game of Thrones.   I can't wait for season two to start next month!

...preparing for the fourth quarter.  I can't believe that there are only a few months left of the school year. Whoosh.

Have a great week!   Be sure to stop by during the Garden Girl blog hop on the 22nd!

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