Sunday, March 11, 2012

(P)noticed: 10 on the 11th

1. Pin: 
"Green" by Itkupilli (Original Source)
2. Passage:
Things happen in front of you.  That's perhaps the most wonderful and mysterious aspect of photography.  It seemed like you just had to decide when and where to aim the camera.  The process was linear and it never stopped. That's still true, although I've traded in my need for always taking pictures.  I can let them go by sometimes now and just be there.  
-- From Annie Leibovitz's At Work
3. Picture:
My mom, at her wedding shower. 
4. Person:
Natalie Elphinstone.

5. Problem: 

I can't get my cat to stop sleeping on me.  I know it seems adorable and cozy to have a cat curled up on you, but my cat is downright parasitic these days, and possibly even homicidal.  She probes the underside of my chin with her head and then places her claws just above my jugular.  I dare you to move; she then commences to purr loudly.

6. Process:

Spring break = happy scrapping.  Something about getting enough sleep and actually being home is conducive to my creative process, apparently.  Just today, I added two more layouts and a card to the March JBS mid-month gallery:

7. Product: 
American Crafts Glitter Tape
Usually I am glitter-impaired, but this tape has given me hope.  I bought one roll (Parfait, above), and used it on the layout in yesterday's post.  Once it's back in stock at Two Peas, I will most definitely be stocking up on more!

8. Pleasure: 

I discovered CPK's Butter Cake the other day.  It was not unlike the discovery of nuclear fission -- brilliant, but so, so, so very dangerous.

9. Post: 

(Shared by Kopecky Family Band on FB).

10. Present: 

My daughter and her father are trying to put each other in headlocks as they vie for the Play Station remote.

Father:  Give me the remote.
Daughter:  No.
Father: Give me the remote. Please.
Daughter: No!
Father:  But I said "please."
Daughter: Just because you said please doesn't mean I have to give you the remote.
Father: Yes, it does.
Daughter: No, it doesn't.
Father:  Please.  See, I'm saying "please."  Now you have to give it to me.
Daughter:  No.
Father:  That's not how it works.  I say "please" and you give it to me.
Daughter:  That's not how it works.
Father:  We'll ask your mother.  Jill, isn't it true that if someone says "please," you have to give them what they want?
Me:  Think about what you're teaching your daughter.  What would you like her to say someday when a boy says "please" to her?
Father:  "I have a knife."
(Daughter laughs uncontrollably, hands still on the remote.)
Me:  There you go.


  1. Love the lo of your mom, and your card, thank you so much for sharing your projects.

  2. Great father/daughter conversation.
    Smart daughter, even smarter mother. Love your layouts and your heartfelt journaling.

  3. Great post with some interesting stuff. Love the heritsge layout of your mom, when I was home last weekend I got some old shots and am keen to start scrapping them. Love the name layout too!

  4. Great LO of your pretty!
    Thanks for the laugh with your father/daughter conversation. Too funny!

  5. I literally laughed out loud at this! :)