Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring (Cough, Cough) Break

As luck would have it, just as spring break began, so did my daughter's cold.  Of course, she just had to share the love, and so guess who has a cold now, too? All this week we've been huddled on the couch or in bed.  Z will sneeze with a mighty blast radius and I'll start cough-laughing and then we'll end up just looking at each other, cracking up, shaking our heads.  Spring break.  Yay.

You would think that being confined to the house has done wonders for my scrappy productivity, but no.  Mostly I just groan and drag kleenex, cough drops, and my blanket with me wherever I go, like Marley and his chains in A Christmas Carol.  My hair is even more frightening than his.

Back when I had a functioning immune system, however, I was able to create a layout for this week's October Afternoon sketch challenge.  Fellow DT member Becky Novacek shared a page out of the Madewell catalog with me (you can find it in the OA post), and I used it as inspiration not just for the design of my layout, but for its content as well.   I decided to "catalog" my daughter's style.
My daughter thought I was insane, grabbing items from her room periodically and taking them outside so that I could snap photos of them.  I think she approves of the layout, though. :)  I could see myself creating at least one of these a year, to document her changing style.  Maybe I should create one for myself -- well, that is, after I recover from this cold. Otherwise, the items would include a kleenex box, pajama pants, Tylenol, Sudafed, Mucinex, socks, and my cat.  Sexy.

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