Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This rainy weather makes me want to curl up in bed and wake up when summer arrives.  Today it poured, and as I looked toward Waikiki today -- and saw nothing, since it was obscured by rain clouds -- I thought of those poor tourists who scheduled trips to Oahu this week.  No blue skies for you.  I don't mind the rain, though.  I'm a homebody, so it's my kind of weather.  It just gets a little scary when the flash flood warnings start, and the news includes reports of landslides, road closures, and lightning striking houses.  This is what I have learned today: it is one thing to enjoy the rain pattering on the roof on a Saturday morning, and quite another to sit in torrential rain in traffic.  

While I sat in traffic today, the Calvinball crew was busy altering the rules once again -- this time in my favor.   In the midst of grading papers yesterday at home, I peeked in on the JBS Mercantile Forum Calvinball thread and saw that it was on fire, with everyone mentioning how much their totals had increased.  So I had to ask: 
Do graded papers count as layouts?  I could put some stickers on them.  :)  In fact, I hand-journaled on many of them.  
This morning, Doris replied: 
i've updated "the rules" this morning, adding an educator's clause similar to the educator's tax credit in which educators can claim a $250 deduction for classroom expenses.  in this case, educators can add a bonus point if they have to add "journaling" to student essays while calvinball is in progress.  this rule was submitted by jill and i am concurring with its validity as i will be pursuing this endeavor tomorrow.
Maybe that was my first pity point, but I'll take it! 

Tonight I also finished a page, so that brings my totals to...

Calvinball points: 4
Calvinblog points: 6
Bonus points:  4

Ere I go, I have a new page to share.   It was actually finished in February, so it's not Calvinball-qualified, but I love it all the same: 

This layout is from this week's Garden at Two Peas in a Bucket.  I decided to stop hoarding these wooden Basic Grey buttons and finally put them to use.  
 More details and a supply list can be found in the original gallery post

I'm off to "journal" on more student papers.  See you later!  


  1. great to hear that your day job counts towards Calvinball :)

    love the layout! the perfect place to de-hoard those buttons.

  2. awwwwwwwwww . . . this is so sweet and awesome jill!

  3. oh beautiful! and so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!gorgeous design ( as ever!!)

  4. makes me giggle calvinball....GREAT layout!!