Sunday, April 15, 2012

72 Hours Later...

I can't believe I broke my blogging streak.  I've been blogging every single day since March 1, the longest I've ever gone without skipping a day, but on Friday (the 13th, no less) I was so exhausted that I ended up falling asleep without posting anything.  Then Saturday came...and went.  Now it's Sunday night and I am just shaking my head.  Bad blogger.

I'll just take a mulligan. :)  It was one of those weekends. I closed my eyes on Friday night, and now that I am just waking up, it's time to start the week again.

It's already Monday somewhere, actually.  The Monday challenge post is up on the October Afternoon blog, and this week, I had the pleasure of joining Wilna for a letter sticker challenge.  You have got to see her layout. Her journaling is entirely composed of OA letter stickers, and she subdued the bright colors using mist.  I have got to try that!  Here is my take on the challenge:
I played with the "like mother, like daughter" idea on this page, and used it to jump-start my journaling.
I used the letter stickers to create a frame around the photo.
This was actually a pretty fun challenge, because it not only helped me to chomp through my stash of letter stickers, but it also made me push myself to use them in a not-so-conventional way.  

On to the winner of the Amy Tan Collect & Create workshop giveaway!  Congratulations to...

I know you'll love the class, Helen!  :)


  1. Just makes the rest of us not feel bad about just blogging a few times a week ;-) Great layout. Love the colortones. Great photo too

  2. i just saw a recent post you did on 2P's and just wanted to hop over here and say thanks! i have always wanted to be able to print my thoughts on the journaling tags sin stead of writing them, but didn't know how! loved your quick and easy SO gonna give this a shot!

    and your scrapping girl! AUH_Mazing! thanks for such a huge dose of inspiration tonight! so glad to have stumbled across your blog!