Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(P)noticed: 10 on the 10th

1. Pin:
Pinned from Jenni Bowlin's blog
2. Passage: 
On the boat we carried with us in our trunks all the things we would need for our new lives:  white silk kimonos for our wedding night, colorful cotton kimonos for everyday wear, plain cotton kimonos for when we grew old,  calligraphy brushes, thick black sticks of ink, thin sheets of rice paper on which to write long letters home, tiny brass Buddhas, ivory statues of the fox god, dolls we had slept with since we were five, bags of brown sugar with which to buy favors, bright cloth quilts, paper fans, English phrase books, flowered silk sashes, smooth black stones from the river that ran behind our house, a lock of hair from a boy we had once touched, and loved, and promised to write, even though we knew we never would, silver mirrors given to us by our mothers, whose last words still rang in our ears.  You will see: women are weak, but mothers are strong. 
-- from Julie Otsuka's The Buddha in the Attic 
3. Picture: 
My gorgeous cousin, Shelly, enjoying a "real" spring on the mainland.  
4. Person: 
Kim Stewart. 

5. Problem: 

I am still dealing with the same cough that's been with me now since mid-March, and now that my asthma is acting up on top of that, I pretty much sound like Darth Vader.  Make that Dark Helmet:

6. Process: 

The mid-month gallery is live at JBS Mercantile!  The kit challenge this month is to integrate office tags in a layout.

I pulled together a bunch of patterns from the kit, trimmed their edges and punched holes in them, and then layered them on the layout alongside manila office tags.  The title is a play on words about the best counselor in the entire world, my daughter's school counselor, who "tags along" at every single student function and makes herself an active presence in the students' lives.

7. Product: 
Vellum Coin Envelopes from Jillibean Soup
8. Pleasure: 

Given #5, I'm going to have to go with that moment when an inhaler actually starts working.  I love air.

9. Post: 

Will Richardson on "Too Much to Teach" 
Every single time I visit Will's blog, my head starts spinning.

10. Present: 

I'll say it again: I love air!

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  1. Love the tag layout and the way you structure this post!